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Cooperative Education: Paige Kirchmeier

Cooperative Education: Paige Kirchmeier


Cooperative Education: Paige Kirchmeier

Name: Paige Kirchmeier

Hometown: Plymouth, Wis.

Major: Exercise science.

Year in school: Sophomore.

Co-Op job: Certified Nursing Assistant at Rocky Knoll Health Care Center.

I participate in the Co-Op program because: It gives me an incredible opportunity to balance work life and school life. This program has truly made it easier to be a student while preparing for post-graduation.

Campus involvement: Rotaract Club vice president, LU Dance Team.

Post-graduation dream job: Sports medicine physician assistant.

Favorite LU faculty/staff member: Director for Leadership & Student Engagement, Corey Roberson.

Lakeland is good fit for me because: Lakeland is a good fit for me because of the lovely staff who understand you are more than just a student and help you pursue your passions.

What Paige’s employer is saying: “Paige is a one-of-a-kind gem! Her outgoing personality, willingness to learn, kind and caring heart are what we are about. She is an example to be followed and a great addition to our team.”

Lakeland University is the only Midwestern school that offers Cooperative Education across all majors by allowing participating students to gain on-the-job knowledge and academic credit for their work. LU students can earn up to 25% of the degree through work and post-work reflection.

Each year, we welcome more students who are interested in the benefits of Co-Op and the ability to connect with a lengthy list of corporate and organizational partners who support the program and our student’s learning.

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