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Food Safety & Quality students explore Wisconsin cheese industry

Food Safety & Quality students explore Wisconsin cheese industry


Food Safety & Quality students explore Wisconsin cheese industry

Lakeland’s Introduction to Food Science class recently had an immersive experience in the heart of Wisconsin's cheese industry.

The trip, led by Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Food Safety & Quality Leili Afsah-Hejri, Ph.D., the head of Lakeland’s food safety & quality program, provided a unique opportunity for students to witness firsthand how their classroom knowledge can be applied in real-world food processing facilities.

Afsah-Hejri's students visited various food industry sites related to food production. The location choices highlighted the significance of cheese for Wisconsin, while also emphasizing the FSQ program's close relationship with local cheese companies. Among the selected sites was one of the most renowned cheese makers in the state, Sartori Cheese.

Sartori Cheese, known for its award-winning artisanal cheeses, set up a tour of both the cheese-making and cheese-packaging facilities, as students gaining a comprehensive understanding of the entire production process.

After the visit, Sartori provided a selection of their finest cheese samples for the students and faculty to enjoy. Afsah-Hejri set up a cheese tasting table in the gathering area of Lakeland’s Chase Science Center.

“The field trip has undoubtedly enriched the learning experience of these students, offering them an unforgettable journey into the world of Wisconsin's cheese industry,” Afsah-Hejri said. “This successful collaboration with Sartori Cheese and other local cheese companies underlines the importance of industry partnerships in fostering real-world learning experiences for Lakeland students.”

Afsah-Hejri said FSQ students have unique opportunities to dive into the world of food safety and quality, engage with local industry partners and participate in field trips like this spring’s cheese adventure.

“The program prepares students for successful careers in the food industry, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experiences that make learning enjoyable and engaging,” Afsah-Hejri said.

Learn more about Lakeland’s FSQ program at the program’s webpage.

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