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Lakeland promotes three faculty members

Lakeland promotes three faculty members


Lakeland promotes three faculty members

Two Lakeland University faculty members have been granted tenure and promoted and one other faculty member has been promoted.

  • Evan Chancellor, DMA, was awarded tenure and promoted to associate professor of music along with his role as director of bands.
  • Brian Murphy, Ph.D., was awarded tenure and promoted to professor of mathematics.
  • Kim Viglietti was promoted to assistant professor of business administration.

Chancellor, who joined Lakeland’s faculty in 2017, is a student-centered teacher who has been a champion of the innovative use of technology to enhance student participation. His overhaul of the music curriculum, including its integration of experiential learning and response to changes in state education standards, has been a model for other programs in HFA.

In his music ensembles, Chancellor cultivates student responsibility and leadership, and balances positive encouragement while still expecting and inspiring excellence.

Chancellor created the Lakeland drumline and marching band and he continues to explore avenues for music students to perform on campus and in the community. He played an instrumental part in the transfer of the Master of Music program from Holy Family to Lakeland.

He serves LU in several leadership roles, including chair of Humanities & Fine Arts, director of Lakeland’s Music Camp, Crescendo team member and HFA innovation team member.

Chancellor is an ambassador for Lakeland, frequently participating in local and regional music offerings, serving as a guest conductor for honors bands, workshop leader, guest musician and ensemble member, in addition to serving as Lakeland’s representative to the Wisconsin Music Educators Association. Students frequently accompany him to these events. He was recently named artistic director and conductor for the Fond du Lac Symphonic Band.

Murphy joined Lakeland’s faculty in 2019 after securing tenure and the rank of associate professor during a 17-year career at the UW-College’s Manitowoc campus.

Since his arrival at Lakeland, Murphy has been a leader driving curricular changes and assessment within the math program’s introductory courses. He has helped lead continual improvement of Lakeland’s mathematics offerings at the main campus, in evening and online courses and at the Japan campus.

Murphy is regarded as a gifted teacher who establishes a valued, disarming rapport with students, who see him as approachable, non-threatening and engaged. He is the rare math teacher who can disarm the subject and refocus math anxiety into learning math. In addition to teaching math, he has taught two physics courses along with other courses.

He plays a key role in helping facilitate Lakeland’s two large math meets for middle and high school students. He is a member of five professional associations or societies associated with mathematics and he utilizes those memberships to stay abreast in math pedagogy and he has consistently attended and presented at regional association meetings.

Viglietti joined Lakeland’s faculty as a full-time instructor in 2016 after teaching as an adjunct instructor for Lakeland and Silver Lake College. Prior to beginning her career as an educator, she spent 17 years in various managerial and senior roles within the marketing department at Kohler Co.

Since joining Lakeland full time, Viglietti has been the primary force within the marketing program, teaching on the main campus as well as evening and online classes and advising a large number of aspiring business students.

The faculty advisor for the Enactus group, Viglietti continually brings real-world expertise into her classrooms in the form of guest speakers along with real-world application to her marketing courses. She works with local businesses to provide applied, current problem solving into her marketing curriculum, most recently having her marketing capstone course partner with the Elkhart Lake Chamber and Elkhart Lake Tourism to create the inaugural Elktoberfest celebration.

She offers students taking online courses the option to join in on some of her traditional course sections during their workday, to the benefit of all students.

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