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Lakeland psychology graduate prepared for her future

Lakeland psychology graduate prepared for her future


Lakeland psychology graduate prepared for her future

Recent Lakeland University graduate Kaylee Zipperer has amassed an impressive record of academic accomplishments, leadership and a passion for her future that she will bring to graduate school.

Zipperer, a Manitowoc native who this May completed a Lakeland bachelor's degree in psychology with minors in biology and business administration, was named Lakeland's Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award winner, the Outstanding Student in Psychology and she completed Lakeland's Honors Program, which requires students to design and complete and independent research project.

Zipperer conducted extensive research on Universal Design for Learning, an approach to teaching that accommodates the needs and abilities of all learners. Her work has focused on increasing academic accessibility for diverse learners, and she shared her findings with Lakeland faculty and staff members. LU plans to implement some UDL practices.

"Kaylee is unrelenting in her passionate commitment towards advocating for individuals with disabilities," said Lakeland University Associate Professor of Psychology Jessica Kalmar, Ph.D. "The synergy of her senior honors project and Psychology Lab research both concentrating on Universal Design for Learning speak to this laser focus.

"Since starting at Lakeland, Kaylee has had her eye on the goal of becoming a mental health professional. While that dream has evolved from child psychiatry to neuropsychology, Kaylee unfailingly fought past any obstacles that stood in her path."

Zipperer, who served as a research assistant for Lakeland's Psychology Laboratory, shared her UDL research at the Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Meeting in Chicago this spring, where she presented and discussed her work.

The culmination of her research efforts led to the Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award, which celebrates top undergraduate students who have contributed to the advancement of knowledge for the public good through independent and group research, community education outreach or innovative experiential learning projects in their field of study.

Awardees must be graduating seniors with a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 to 4.00 who are planning to formally continue their education in a graduate or professional school program.

Zipperer will continue working as a supportive living coordinator at Roger's Behavioral Health to gain more clinical experience as she prepares to apply to doctoral programs in psychology, with her studies to begin formally in fall 2024. She has also worked as an emergency department scribe at St. Nicholas Hospital and in a seasonal role at Manitowoc Marina.

In addition to her academic work, Zipperer served on the Lakeland Student Activities Foundation Board, as a sought-after tutor for multiple psychology courses and as a member of Psi Chi, Psychology's National Honor Society.

"I could not be prouder of Kaylee," Kalmar said. "Her enthusiasm, creative problem solving, organizational skills, work ethic and mischievous smile add invaluable contributions to our research. Kaylee balances academic excellence with sterling character."

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