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Lakeland selected for national student success program

Lakeland selected for national student success program


Lakeland selected for national student success program

Lakeland University has partnered with the college readiness and student success platform RaiseMe to launch a micro-scholarship-based student success initiative for new and returning Lakeland students.

Lakeland is one of just 10 institutions in the country piloting RaiseMe's Student Success Platform.

The program, which aims to promote college persistence and retention for current college students, will reward students with personalized, incremental and achievement-based scholarships ranging from $10 to $100 each to be applied toward tuition in the following academic year. Lakeland students can earn up to $750 in scholarships per academic year. Initially, the program is for students enrolled in Lakeland's traditional program on its main campus.

"By completing activities like mapping out a four-year plan with their academic advisor, uploading their professional resume on Handshake, joining a student organization, attending convocations and more, RaiseMe's micro-scholarship program rewards our students for building engagement and community," said Sam Poullette, Lakeland's vice president for enrollment management.

"Programs like this and our Cooperative Education program are innovative ways that Lakeland is tackling the student debt crisis so our students can graduate with little or no tuition debt."

The program will help students stay on track towards graduation by offering incremental financial rewards for taking actions designed to address the three key areas that have been tied to successful degree completion:

  • Academic assistance: through RaiseMe's student success pilot, Lakeland students are offered incremental micro-scholarships for attending professors' office hours, attending a study skills workshop or enrolling in a tutoring session.
  • Financial assistance: students earn micro-scholarships for activities like completing a financial literacy module administered by Lakeland, and submitting a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for the upcoming academic year.
  • Sense of belonging: students are offered micro-scholarships for researching and joining campus organizations, connecting with peer mentors and attending campus events — events that may help enhance their sense of belonging on campus.

The program is meant to supplement and enhance the robust support Lakeland already provides to all students.

RaiseMe is rolling out its student success platform on more colleges campuses throughout the year, but they are prioritizing partnership with institutions that have a track record of prioritizing student access and success.

Lakeland's program will support current freshmen, sophomores and juniors along with incoming freshmen. Additional details regarding eligibility are available within students' RaiseMe accounts.