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LU part of historic agreement with technical colleges


LU part of historic agreement with technical colleges

Students seeking to transfer credits from any of Wisconsin’s 16 technical colleges to Lakeland University will have a much easier time in the future thanks to a historic, comprehensive agreement signed this week. Lakeland is one of the private, nonprofit colleges and universities participating in the WAICU-WTCS Course Credit Transfer Agreement.

Lakeland has a long history of partnering with Wisconsin’s technical colleges, dating back to Lakeland’s creation of the state’s first bachelor’s degree programs designed for working adults more than 40 years ago. Today, Lakeland’s Kellett School serves approximately 1,800 students in undergraduate and graduate programs through seven Wisconsin centers and online.

“This week’s agreement complements the work we’ve done for many years with our technical college partners as we work together to eliminate barriers so students can earn bachelor’s degrees,” said Lakeland President David Black.

More than a dozen popular introductory courses are included in the agreement, such as chemistry, psychology and speech. Under the agreement, specified technical college credits will count toward requirements for a bachelor’s degree at Lakeland, provided the student earned a grade of “C” or better within the last ten years. Technical college students must also meet Lakeland’s admissions requirements.

“Streamlining the process to transfer credits from a technical college to a four-year private college opens doors for more students to earn bachelor’s degrees in Wisconsin,” said Rolf Wegenke, president of the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU). “Our private colleges have longstanding relationships with the technical colleges, and this new agreement will make a difference as the state strives to increase the level of educational attainment and improve our position in the competitive knowledge economy.”

“Wisconsin’s private colleges and universities have long been leaders in recognizing the rigor of a technical college education, and the value of creating transfer opportunities for our students,” said Morna K. Foy, president of the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS). “This agreement sets a strong foundation for the future by allowing all of our institutions – in both sectors – to make lifelong learning opportunities even clearer for students.”

The negotiated "course equivalencies" provide great value to transfer students by reducing or eliminating the need to spend extra time and money retaking courses. The ability to smoothly transfer credits provides more flexibility for students — especially those who wish to start their college career close to home as well as nontraditional students who are already in the workforce and are looking to further their careers with bachelor’s degrees.

With the new agreement in place, students can look forward to an educational experience that is more efficient and simpler to navigate, while shortening the time to graduation and reducing their college costs.

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