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LU science students tour Millipore Sigma

LU science students tour Millipore Sigma


LU science students tour Millipore Sigma

Lakeland University’s advanced organic chemistry lab recently visited Millipore Sigma for a tour and a closer look at their 500 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) instrument.

Students had a sample run for them and learned how to identify the compound from the data. Students toured a calorimetry lab where Millipore Sigma tests the heat produced by the breakdown of all the chemicals they work with at the company.

The students learned that too much heat production can cause some serious problems, so they test the compounds in milligram amounts in that lab to ensure their processes are safe and that they are maintaining expected temperatures and conditions while synthesizing products.

“Millipore Sigma has a truly impressive group of scientists, and they also have a lot of really well-paying job opportunities/Cooperative Education positions, said Lakeland Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry Jered McGivern, Ph.D., who teaches the lab.

“I am hopeful we can continue to build this relationship with them, as it will certainly make our chemistry and biochemistry program stronger.”

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