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Musko’s Campus Shop announces Musko’s Newsletter!

Musko’s Campus Shop announces Musko’s Newsletter!


Musko’s Campus Shop announces Musko’s Newsletter!

Musko’s Campus Shop is excited to announce Musko’s Newsletter.

Visit Musko’s Campus Shop website to sign up for the monthly e-newsletter and get 10% off a Lakeland University item in the shop.

The newsletter serves the Lakeland community by providing exclusive sales on Lakeland University merchandise to customers. By signing up, customers will receive promotional discounts for the shop.

Musko’s Campus Shop is operated by Launch: Lakeland Student-Run Businesses. Launch strives to provide experiential and entrepreneurial learning opportunities for Lakeland students to expand their skillset before graduation.

Musko’s newsletter will be highlighting the accomplishments of Lakeland alumni who have successfully become entrepreneurs themselves.

Nidal Farah, one of Musko’s Presidents of Merchandise, said there are several benefits of signing up to receive the newsletter.

“People who sign up for the newsletter will be the first to hear about new products, promotions and to see some of the new apparel and designs coming to the campus shop,” said Farah. “People’s support in signing up for our newsletter can help us discover what products our customers want and give customers an opportunity to give us feedback on what they would like to see in the shop.”

Sign-up for Musko’s Newsletter today to receive exclusive sales.

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