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Symphonic Band Virtual Performance(s)

Symphonic Band Virtual Performance(s)


Symphonic Band Virtual Performance(s)

Lakeland's band may not be able to meet in person, however, that hasn't stopped them from making music. Lakeland Professor of Music Evan Chancellor and his students continue to create beautiful music. 

Watch the videos below to see a series of their digital performances.

Video 1:

In this recording you’ll see videos from Dani Bossler (flute), Abby Kelly (flute), Jessica Leicht (clarinet), and Chloe Skibinski (percussion), and you'll also hear Talya Dillahunt (oboe), Molly Schwibinger (alto sax), Brandon Farmer (trumpet), Dr Chancellor (horn), and Ryan Hoey (trombone). Some students actually recorded more than one part so you hear them playing in harmony with themselves.

Video 2:

Students collaborated on an arrangement of Alan Silvestri's score from "Avengers: Endgame," which was originally part of our April concert themed, "Heroes." The recording includes contributions by Dani Bossler, Abby Kelly, Talya Dillahunt, Molly Schwibinger, Jessica Leicht, Chris Kletzien, Brandon Farmer, Ryan Hoey, Bennett Josephs, and Dylan Zastrow. The Avengers score was a student favorite from the cancelled program and we had fun putting it together this week. They may not have space ships or a hammer that summons lightning, but there are a lot of heroes at work in the real world right now. To the doctors and nurses, to firefighters, police, and national guard, to volunteer organizations or just next door neighbors doing their part to help others through this are our superheroes!

Video 3:

“Gabriella’s Song” was composed by Stefan Nilsson, with lyrics by Py Bäckman, for the award-winning 2004 film “As It Is In Heaven.” We would like to thank Mr. Nilsson and Dan Music AB/Gehrmans Publishing for granting permission to Dr. Chancellor to arrange this piece for the Lakeland Symphonic Band and to share this performance with you. The video includes contributions from Abby Kelly, Dani Bossler, Molly Schwibinger, Talya Dillahunt, Jessica Leicht, Brandon Farmer, Ryan Hoey, Bennett Josephs, and Chloe Skibinski.

This song is a powerful statement of hope, and even defiance, in the face of adversity: “Yet this is the way I chose, my trust far beyond words...I want to be happy in who I am, to be strong and to be free, see the day arise from night. And the heaven I thought was there, I’ll discover it yet somewhere.” In the midst of our present trials, we still hold hope for the future and especially for our graduating seniors. You are enough. You own your path. And the sun will rise bright on your tomorrow.

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