Special Education at Lakeland University

Addressing Shortage Of Special Education Teachers

Lakeland University and Cooperative Educational Service Agency (CESA 7) have partnered together to address the shortage of special education teachers by creating a new pathway for Lakeland education majors to earn a special education teaching license.

Special Education License

Competitive Edge Over Peers

The partnership with CESA 7 will allow Lakeland students pursuing a K-9 teaching license to add a K-12 Cross-Categorical Special Education license by completing four special education elective courses through CESA 7 and a student teaching experience through Lakeland.

Students who graduate with both licenses have more options when applying for teaching jobs, especially in areas of high need for most school districts.

Graduates will be licensed to teach in a regular education setting in grades kindergarten through 9, and in school districts that provides services to pupils in kindergarten through grade 12 with intellectual, emotional-behavioral, specific learning or other disabilities.

Education (6-12, K-12, K-9)
Education (William R. Kellett School)
Special Education at Lakeland University


CESA 7 Administrator Jeff Dickert said the partnership will give Lakeland graduates an edge over peers who are looking for jobs while benefiting the state’s school districts who need special education teachers.

Our curriculum is designed to prepare teachers for the diverse K-12 learning environment. Coursework is developed to help students make data-based decisions, help with specialized instruction and interventions, provide behavioral support, promote project-based learning ... and more!

Through a contractual partnership with Cooperative Educational Service Agency 7 (CESA 7) and in consultation with the program director, students completing all the requirements for the K-9 license can add on the K-12 Cross-Categorical Special Education license by successfully completing the following four elective courses through CESA 7 and an appropriate student teaching experience through Lakeland:

  • EDU 386 – Introduction to Special Education
  • EDU 387 – My Role in Educating Students with Special Needs
  • EDU 388 – Special Education Practices and Application
  • EDU 389 – Data-Driven Decision-Making for Special Education Students

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