Lakeland University Financial Aid & Educational Funding Office

Serving Students

Lakeland University has expanded our services for prospective and current students and alumni who need help with funding their education. Lakeland's Financial Aid & Educational Funding Office is expanding its efforts at a time when more students need help understanding the sometimes complicated world of paying for school.

Financial Aid & Educational Funding Office

Aiding Your Funding Needs

"We want people to know we can help with all their funding needs, from finding the right scholarship to understanding how loans will impact their future." 

-Patty Taylor, Senior Director of the Financial Aid & Educational Funding Office.


Financial Aid & Educational Funding Office Services and Resources

One-on-one and group sessions to help students understand the finances of their education.

Access to tools to help students understand how to finance their education, including a loan tracker so students can track how much they are borrowing and understand the long-term impact.

Helping Lakeland alumni understand repayment options.

Assistance with scholarship applications including essay and résumé reviews.

Making students aware of any new scholarship opportunities.

Work with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and the tribal community for grant opportunities and the Veterans Educational benefits.

Creating relationships with scholarship foundations to become a link between those foundation opportunities and scholarship applicants.

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