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Course Summaries

This course provides a high-level overview of lean principles and tools. Several ready to use templates (electronic) are provided, allow the learner to quickly apply concepts immediately upon return to work.

Lean requires a new leadership style and creates a new culture within an organization. Learn how to lead your team to successful transformation.

This class offers a structured mentoring program including templates and tools to successfully mentoring team members in a work environment.

This course provides a high-level overview of key lean tools to help leaders determine what to expect of new lean teams. Learn tools required to ensure success.

While manufacturing is the most well-known application of lean, the principles and tools work in administrative processes as well. Learn how to see the work in the office environment and apply lean concepts to create velocity, reduce quality issues, increase employee engagement, and cut costs.

Are you leading the lean initiative in your company? Change is hard for people! This course will help you understand the normal change process and offer techniques to help team members complete the cycle quicker, and begin adopting the new tools and techniques of lean.

In this course, students will complete the Kirton Adaption-Innovation (KAI) Inventory, illuminating their cognitive problem solving style. This is represented on a continuum. Over 50 years of research demonstrates two people begin to feel tension when the gap between their KAI scores is greater than 10 points.

Practice with different approaches and methodologies of problem solving. Learn which approach works in which situation. Interactive workshop using games and activities to work through a variety of problems (puzzles) using a variety of techniques. This course is complimentary and ideal to pair with the Team Dynamics course.

This workshop provides a deep dive into one of the most powerful tools in lean - that can be applied anywhere. Our brain is a processing device - not a storage device. Even so, we tend to try to remember a million things, causing our "processor" to bog down. This technique clears the open loops in memory, allowing you to think more clearly and creatively. The technique can be used in the office or at home. When used in a team function, clarity of work becomes an efficiency advantage, making administrative tasks visible to the team and to leadership.

Research shows only 30% of employees are engaged at work. This phenomenon is costing industry millions of dollars a year, creating frustrating work environments, and bogging down our entire economy. What can we do to increase employee engagement? This course will offer tools and techniques to help team members connect with one another, your business mission, and the work that they do.

Determine your cognitive style and align to career and educational pursuits.


Empower your employees to think like business owners through the power of play. Experience the results of sound business sense. Celemi Apples & Oranges™ is Celemi’s best-selling solution, and probably the best selling business simulation in the world. Participants get an overview of how their whole organization functions, and can relate their daily actions and decisions to the company’s profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. Participants are grouped in teams which run one company each, competing with the other teams. To see if they win or lose, they have to complete the financial statements every simulated year. The learning curve is steep and with their new insight, participants come up with ideas how to improve profitability.


Same as above but additional rounds of the simulation allow for deeper learning and additional potential outcomes from the decisions made in previous round


Enhance skills in attracting, developing and retaining the right talent and clients. Learn how to gain a competitive edge and execute a successful business strategy. In Celemi Tango™, teams of different companies fiercely compete to create short-term profit and long-term value. Participants make fast-paced decisions about planning for optimal capacity utilization, leveraging employees, pleasing clients and ensuring delivery—all while maintaining cash flow, brand equity, shareholder value and stakeholder satisfaction. Business operations, know-how and brand are in the spotlight, but bankruptcy, mergers or headhunters could be waiting behind the scenes


Same as above but additional rounds of the simulation allow for deeper learning and additional potential outcomes from the decisions made in previous round

The Medici Game™ allows you to foster creativity in your organization and create the conditions for breakthrough innovation. Participants take a fascinating journey to the Intersection – a place where ideas from different fields and cultures meet and collide, ultimately igniting an explosion of extraordinary new innovations. Based on the bestselling book “The Medici Effect” by Frans Johansson.

The ability to engage employees in change is rapidly becoming a key determinant of business success. Leaders need a clear understanding of the factors involved, so they can take action and lead change effectively. Celemi Exploring Change™ is a dialog about change. Organizations, divisions or teams that want to increase the return on investment for transformation initiatives can use the workshop to build a shared language and collective insights into what it takes to bring people on board. The Celemi Exploring Change™ workshop materials include a case story that is explored through the eyes of four different employees. The case story can be used as a framework for adding additional topics that are relevant in a specific context or organization.

Inspire people and help them realize your company’s marketing strategy. Celemi Livon Lite™ is a serious game offering the fast track to a basic understanding of the principles of marketing and branding. At the starting point, four companies are fiercely competing in a narrow segment of the marketplace. There is little differentiation, causing a restless customer base with little loyalty to their respective companies. Teams need to decide on how to best use their limited resources on attracting a selection of customers. Celemi Livon Lite™ is based on a case. Four companies are in fierce competition in a small segment. The customer base is restless and hard to satisfy. The teams have limited resources that must be distributed wisely. Some of the big issues that are discussed in Celemi Livon Lite™:

Warm up a project team and bring out the best in each participant. Prepare your people to anticipate and navigate the heat of project pitfalls. In Celemi Cayenne™, a project has just finished. The catch? Nobody’s satisfied. The project failed to deliver as expected, the potential value was insufficiently tapped and there were overruns. In teams, participants revisit the project to identify the issues, deliver better results and maximize business value while balancing diverse stakeholder needs. Practice communication and decision making and instantly see the impact of your decisions. The challenges are universal. The lessons are as memorable like the burn of a hot pepper.

Mentees will complete the KAI and then participate in a live virtual one on one coaching session. Discussion of their own cognitive approach to problem solving and how that may be impacting their interactions with leadership, peers, and team members. Actionable techniques to improve relationships at all levels will be offered in a single, 60-minute session.

Mentees will complete the KAI and then participate in a live virtual one on one coaching session. Discussion of their own cognitive approach to problem solving and how that may be impacting their interactions with leadership, peers, and team members. Actionable techniques to improve relationships at all levels will be offered. Mentee will complete a self-assessment and identify areas for focus. Additional follow up sessions (5, one hour sessions monthly) will provide structured mentoring, reflection, and accountable reporting to demonstrate improvement in those identified areas.

We all know networking is critical to our career success yet many of us avoid it. Why?. Extensive research has been conducted which gives us insight into our reluctance. This presentation will focus on networking skills and provide useful techniques to help you improve and expand your network. We will conduct a networking activity and a resource guide will be provided for you to take away.

This course emphasizes the importance of defining project objectives, scope, and stakeholders while highlighting the role of a project manager in driving project success. Students learn essential tools and techniques for scheduling, budgeting, and resource allocation, enabling them to effectively manage project constraints such as time, cost, and scope. By the end of the course, participants gain valuable insights into the key components of project management, equipping them with the skills needed to lead projects to completion efficiently and within scope.

Discover the power of harnessing your unique strengths in our transformative workshop. Gain insight into your individual strengths and how to leverage them to inspire, motivate, and lead your team effectively. Through interactive exercises and real-world scenarios, you'll develop a personalized leadership style that plays to your strengths, fosters collaboration, and drives innovation. Elevate your leadership game and make an impact by enrolling in our Leading with Strengths Workshop. Includes a Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment.

Transform Conflict into Collaboration. In our Conflict Management Workshop, you'll acquire invaluable skills to navigate and resolve conflicts constructively. Learn to communicate effectively, understand the root causes of conflicts, and implement strategies to defuse tension and reach mutually beneficial solutions. Whether in your professional or personal life, this workshop equips you with the tools to turn conflicts into opportunities for growth, teamwork, and improved relationships.

Empower Your Team and Boost Your Productivity. Discover the art of delegation in our workshop designed to help you lead with efficiency and confidence. Learn how to identify tasks suitable for delegation, select the right team members for the job, and establish clear expectations for success. Through practical exercises and expert guidance, you'll master the delegation process, freeing up your time for strategic thinking and fostering team growth.

Unlock the secrets to conducting impactful performance evaluations that inspire growth and boost productivity. In this workshop, you'll gain essential skills for setting clear goals, providing constructive feedback, and recognizing achievements. Learn how to foster open communication, align individual performance with organizational objectives, and create a culture of continuous improvement. Elevate your leadership by mastering the art of effective performance evaluations

Our First-Time Supervisor Workshop is your gateway to leadership success! Whether you're a new supervisor or aspiring to take on this role, this workshop equips you with essential skills in team management, communication, conflict resolution, and decision-making. Join us for an engaging experience where you'll build confidence, learn to lead with purpose, and navigate the challenges of your new role effectively.

In this interactive session, you'll learn proven strategies to prioritize tasks, set achievable goals, and eliminate time-wasting habits. Gain valuable insights on how to balance work and personal life effectively, boost your efficiency, and reclaim valuable hours in your day. Don't let time slip away – invest in your future success with our Time Management Workshop.

Accountability in the workplace is key to achieving company objectives. This workshop is influenced by the New York Bestseller The Oz Principle and a variety of other leading research on Servant Leadership.

This course introduces participants to the Happiness Advantage to promote positive behaviors in life & in the workplace. Participants will learn the importance of overcoming stress & negativity to create a work environment that is pleasant & stimulating. Participants will learn how stress affects team members differently & how to recognize when it is hurting productivity.

This course is a Train-the-On-the-Job Trainer workshop. It provides guidelines for planning & conducting effective on-the-job training sessions. On the Job Training is characterized as a less formal training method whose purposes is to provide trainees the skills required to perform their job. It is often facilitated by subject matter experts who do not have a background in training. This course will outline a 4-step plan that allows anyone to create on-the-job training programs that help employees develop essential skills & improve performance.

This course addresses how to define, identify & minimize negativity in the workplace. Based on the book "How Full Is Your Bucket", by Tom Rath & Donald Clifton, participants will learn the theory of the bucket & the dipper to in this fresh & interactive classroom experience suitable for all State employees.

Customized Workshops

Interested in a specific topic? We will customize workshops for your unique needs. We have seasoned professionals ready to work with your team to design a solution.

Celemi Method

Business Simulation Learning

When you need people to understand how the decisions, they make on the job impact financial outcomes, how their actions create value, and how to make more effective business choices, choose the Celemi method facilitated by Dr. Lorinda Lewis. More than 4 million people in 70 countries have participated in one of the hands-on business simulations. Learn about the various workshops below and contact us to discuss how we can work together to maximize your team

Dr. Lewis is a scholar-practitioner, established in a wide variety of business disciplines. She has a passion for leading and developing others. She has developed her perspective through an unusual career trajectory that includes her experiences as a retired Air Force logistician, a continuous improvement and P&L executive of a Fortune 500 company, an adjunct professor at universities, and as a pro bono continuous improvement coach for Collective Impact Initiatives with not-for-profit agencies. She is a prominent public speaker and published academician who can translate complex ideas into relatable stories to inspire audiences of all levels. As a public speaker, she is in high demand internationally at academic and industry conferences as well as corporate leadership events. As an ICF & CCA certified executive coach, she facilitates classes, events and offers one-on-one professional development training and mentoring in public and private workshops. She is certificated to administer the Kirton Adaption-Innovation (KAI) Inventory, illuminating cognitive problem-solving styles. She is a licensed facilitator of Celemi Business Simulation Workshops, improving team member engagement and business acumen. As an adjunct faculty member at universities, she teaches business and leadership courses including organization development, lean, change management, coaching and mentoring for business, marketing, and global business strategy.

Celemi Cayenne is a simulation that develops the participants’ relationship building skills while increasing the perceived value of their role, department, and projects/initiatives within the company. Focus: Project management and influence.

Cost $450 per participant, 7-hour workshop, minimum participation 12.

Kirton’s Adaptive Innovation (KAI) inventory measures cognitive style, resulting in the participant scoring on a continuum of either more adaptive or more innovative. Knowing your place on the continuum, offers insight into your preferred way of approaching the various situations that you may face day-to- day. This understanding is valuable in understanding why you thrive in some project teams and struggle in others. As leaders, understanding the style of team members helps you to assign more effective teams, resulting in more successful project outcomes. Focus: Problem solving, decision making, team dynamics, and communication.

Cost $175 per participant, 4-hour workshop, minimum participation 10. 

The Medici Game is a creative simulation where the participants experience and learn breakthrough creative “best practices” and tactics to drive business and personal insights and results. These learnings are then applied to a current challenge, project, or initiatives. Focus: Innovation, problem-solving, diversity of thought.

Cost $280 per participant, 4-hour workshop, minimum participation 12.

Celemi Exploring Change is a dialog on change. Organizations, divisions or teams that want to increase the return on investment for transformation initiatives can use the workshop to build a shared language and collective insights into what it takes to bring people on board. Focus: Change management and leading change.

Cost $280 per participant, 4-hour workshop, minimum participation 12.

Celemi PartnerStock is a competitive and interactive simulation. Participants are grouped into teams, and presented with life-like, inventory related dilemmas and challenges. They must prioritize their limited resources to handle the challenges. The goal is to optimize inventory levels while managing customer satisfaction and profit. The most successful team wins the competition. The participants experience a significant peer-to-peer learning, make clear links to their real-life dilemmas, and apply research results and scientific models. Focus: Supply chain effectiveness, decision making, team dynamics.

Cost $280 per participant, 4-hour workshop, minimum participation 12. 

Celemi Apples & Oranges is a simulation that enables participants to understand how they contribute to financial and operational success of the organization. This simulation focuses on building the business acumen and financial literacy skills of employees, managers, and leaders. It is available in a variety of industries including manufacturing, retail, service, and healthcare. Focus: Business finance, decision making, team dynamics.

Cost $450 per participant, 7-hour workshop, minimum participation 12. 

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