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At Lakeland University you'll find unique 14-week BlendEd® courses that allow you to complete coursework either online or in class from week to week depending on your location, schedule, and other life commitments. You choose the format that works best for you.

Are you looking for traditional face-to-face instruction? Come to class. Will you be out of town for business? Complete your weekly course responsibilities online. Do you have an important event for your kids? Log into your course online when it is convenient for you. With BlendEd® you do not need to worry about your education getting in the way of your life, or life getting in the way of your education!

When you enroll in a 14-week BlendEd® course in Lakeland's Evening, Weekend, and Online Program, you have the option of deciding each and every week whether to learn in the classroom or complete that week's coursework online. On-site classes meet once per week at your local Lakeland University Center, on weekdays during the evening, or on Saturday mornings. If you choose to complete your coursework online for that week, it must be completed before the next on-site class meets.

The New BlendEd®

A new BlendEd® format has recently been introduced that provides an enhanced educational experience for our face-to-face students and an even greater benefit for our online students. In addition to the features and benefits of BlendEd®, we have integrated Blackboard Collaborate™ with a growing number of courses to provide the ultimate "digital classroom" for all students. In the new BlendEd®, two or more classrooms are connected live for a class that is facilitated by one instructor. The instructor and students, regardless of location, can see and communicate with each other live, experiencing the diversity and enrichment of an expanded classroom. Another exciting feature of this model is the ability of our online students to connect to the live classroom from their own computer (or iPad, tablet, iPhone), from any location. This is not a requirement of online students but an added benefit for those whose schedules allow them to embrace the (digital) classroom experience. Courses offered in this format are also recorded, providing "on-demand" access to all classroom sessions for face-to-face and online students enrolled in the course.

7-week Online Courses

An intense, 7-week online format is also available for students who prefer to focus exclusively on one course at a faster pace, enroll in more courses within a given term, or who simply have schedules that better fit a 7-week term. Students are welcome to mix all course formats — 7-week, 14-week, BlendEd®, non BlendEd® -- in a way that best suits their learning styles and lifestyles inside and outside the classroom. Accelerated courses are not currently offered in a BlendEd® format.

Traditional, Evening and Weekend Courses

Lakeland continues to offer a limited number of traditional, face-to-face courses in the evenings and on weekends that do not utilize the BlendEd® format. These courses meet once per week during the 14-week term. Many of the courses offered through the Master of Arts in Counseling Program, for example, are offered in the traditional, evening and weekend format.

Got more questions about BlendEd® at Lakeland University?

See our FAQ section

Q: How does BlendEd work?

A: As a student in a BlendEd course at Lakeland University, you have the option of deciding, each and every week, whether to attend class at your nearby Lakeland University center, or completing the course work online. It is truly a student-centered approach that is unique to Lakeland University.

Q: Do I have to contact anyone about my decision to attend the classroom session or complete the work online each week?

A: No! The flexibility of BlendEd gives you the freedom to decide, even at the last minute. It doesn’t matter if you have conflicting plans, a family emergency, or a last-minute surprise. If you don’t or can’t attend the classroom session, you can complete your work online that week around your schedule.

Q: Will my grades be affected by using one format more than the other?

A: No! BlendEd is all about taking advantage of the format that is convenient for you.

Q: What kind of technology will I need in order to use the online format?

A: BlendEd uses Blackboard, a leading enterprise software company for e-Education, for its online format. All you need to use Blackboard is access to a computer that has an internet connection and a web browser (i.e. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.) On Blackboard, you are able to view and submit assignments, view your course progress, post to online discussions, and interact with professors and other students. It is a very user-friendly format, and adds to the student-centered approach of BlendEd.

Q: Will I have different professors if I use both the formats, or will using the two different formats be confusing?

A: Both the classroom and online formats of each course are taught by the same person, so you don’t have to worry about different expectations or miscommunication. Students in Lakeland University’s pilot version of BlendEd said that they actually learned more going between the two formats. It allowed them to interact with different groups of people each and every week, and many students would actually attend the classroom session and join in on the online discussion and postings each week, in order to get different viewpoints on the topics covered.

Q: What types of courses are offered through BlendEd?

A: The current course schedule, and, when available, upcoming semester’s BlendEd courses are listed here. BlendEd courses are offered in many different areas of study, and for both undergraduate and graduate programs. Additional BlendEd courses will be added as demand for the format increases.

Q: How can I find out if there is a Lakeland University center near me?

A: There are seven Lakeland University centers in Wisconsin, and all will be offering BlendEd courses. The centers are located in Chippewa Falls, Fox Cities, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Sheboygan, and Central Wisconsin. For information on each of the centers, click here.

Q: How can I find out more information about BlendEd?

A: You can click here to contact us for more information.

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