English at Lakeland University

New Experiences

The English faculty at Lakeland knows that reading can and should be an intense experience — an experience that combines a commitment to language, an eye for beauty and detail, an openness to new experience, and an analytically sharp mind.

Find and Analyze Meaning

Practice Literary Critiquing

English majors develop a myriad of skills and dispositions by testing them against some of the best writing and thinking in literature. In the process, our students not only become practicing literary critics in the classroom, but also emerge better able to find and analyze meaning in all parts of our textual world.

English Programs at Lakeland University
English Majors at Lakeland University

Preparing for Future Careers

Think Critically, Read Closely, and Write Precisely

Lakeland University's English program prepares students for careers in education, giving them an extensive knowledge of major writers, movements, critical terms, and techniques. More extensively, though, the English major prepares anyone for a job in the information age by teaching them to think critically, read closely, and write precisely. These abilities are fundamental to careers in publishing, communications, journalism, advertising, law, and business — any field that asks one to handle and use language with skill.

Experiential Education

Experiential Education

Connecting Classrooms To Careers

Lakeland's Cooperative Education program will provide English students with 12-18 months of full-time work experience, academic credit for their work, and a combination of scholarships and wages that will significantly reduce or eliminate post-graduation debt.

Cooperative Education

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