Graphic Design at Lakeland University

Visual Communicators

Students who pursue a degree in Graphic Design will become effective visual communicators while their creativity flows and flourishes.

Encourage Artistic Creativity

Create Effective Design

In addition to encouraging artistic creativity, the Graphic Design program at Lakeland is commercially-focused, meaning students hone skills that professional graphic designers use on a daily basis. Students learn to understand client goals and target audiences, and then create effective design solutions.

Students who graduate with a degree in Graphic Design are well-rounded in all areas of study and are prepared to pursue successful careers in a variety of industries including:

Advertising | Marketing | Branding | Printing and Publishing

Digital Media | Interactive Media | Freelance

Lakeland Graphic Design Student Working In The Mac Lab.

Elements of Art and Principals of Design

Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

The courses in the Graphic Design program build off of each other. At the introductory level, students establish a solid design foundation by learning the elements of art and the principles of design. They learn how to brainstorm and generate ideas, analyze and critique those ideas, and then refine them to be even stronger. Students practice turning their ideas into reality by using industry-standard Adobe Creative Cloud software.

Graphic design student working with Professor Brickham.

Real-World Design Problems

Create Design Solutions

Upper-level courses explore real-world design problems for both print and digital applications, which allows students to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a creative and expressive way. Students in these courses learn how to identify their audience and how to create design solutions that resonate with that audience, effectively delivering the message.

For traditional students on Lakeland's main campus, a senior capstone course for Graphic Design majors includes a service-learning project that involves students reaching out to local nonprofit organizations and completing a design project in a real-world setting. After reflecting on that experience, students prepare and deliver a presentation about their experience.

*Students who intend to enroll at our Green Bay our Milwaukee Centers need to have completed their associate degree from NWTC or MATC (Milwaukee)

Lakeland student working on graphic design project.

Experiential Education

Real-World Experience

Graphic Design students enrolled in Lakeland's traditional program on the main campus have the ability to gain 12-18 months of full-time work experience and academic credit for their work through our Cooperative Education program. A combination of scholarships and wages will help significantly reduce or eliminate post-graduation debt.

Cooperative Education

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