Sport Management and Leadership at Lakeland University

A Team Player

Do you see yourself founding and directing a select-level youth basketball or soccer league? Perhaps you'd like to work in sports information for a college or pro team, or at a golf or tennis resort. Maybe you love the idea of planning sports activities for youngsters at a YMCA or Boys & Girls Club, or helping NFL players reach their peak.

One Core Foundation

A Variety of Disciplines

If any of these sports-oriented career paths appeal to you, Lakeland's Sport Management and Leadership major can put you directly on the correct path. 

One of the strengths of this major is its five emphases:

  • Athletic Coaching
  • Communication
  • Hospitality Management
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Strength and Conditioning
A Lakeland University alum holds basketball.

Choose Your Interests

Specialty Tracks

Each emphasis shares core courses with the others, but branches out to slide into its own specialty track. The Coaching emphasis is self-explanatory. The Communication Track could lead to public relations and marketing jobs in sports. The Hospitality Management emphasis links nicely with the area's booming golf industry, and the Non-Profit Management emphasis prepares students to serve the YMCA or Boys & Girls Club among other non-profits that delve into fitness or wellness. Strength & Conditioning can lead to careers spanning from becoming a personal trainer to working with college and pro athletes to maximize their performance.

"Sports and exercise are multi-billion-dollar industries," said April Arvan, Lakeland's Associate Professor of Exercise Science and Sport Studies. "We are helping pinpoint a variety of careers for our students."

A Lakeland University co-op student poses in front of the Osthoff Resort.

Experiential Education

Gain Valuable Experience

Sport Management & Leadership students have the ability to gain 12-18 months of full-time work experience and academic credit for their work through our Cooperative Education program. A combination of scholarships and wages will help significantly reduce or eliminate post-graduation debt

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