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Cooperative Education: Mitchell Nelson

Cooperative Education: Mitchell Nelson


Cooperative Education: Mitchell Nelson

Name: Mitchell Nelson

Hometown: Plymouth, Wis.

Major: Sports Management & Leadership

Year in school: Senior.

Co-Op Job: Athletic Director, St. John the Baptist Catholic School.

I participate in the Co-Op program because: It gives me a chance to explore and apply the knowledge I have learned in the classroom into the real world.

Campus involvement: National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)

Post-graduation dream job: General manager of a baseball organization

Favorite LU faculty/staff member: Professor of Sports Management & Leadership and Director of Athletics, April Arvan.

Lakeland is good fit for me because: It's like my second home. I feel a connection with my professors and classmates. Over my four years I have had them or have seen them around campus more than on one occasion so you get used to knowing each other.

What Mitchell’s employer is saying: “Mitch’s attention to detail, organizational skills and knowledge of sports and his passion for sports has made him the ideal fit for the athletic director position.”

Lakeland University is the only Midwestern school that offers Cooperative Education across all majors by allowing participating students to gain on-the-job knowledge and academic credit for their work. LU students can earn up to 25% of the degree through work and post-work reflection.

Each year, we welcome more students who are interested in the benefits of Co-Op and the ability to connect with a lengthy list of corporate and organizational partners who support the program and our student’s learning.

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