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Sports and exercise are multi-billion-dollar industries. From coaching to being an athletic director to working for a college or pro sports team, at Lakeland we help our students find the career path that fits them best. One of the strengths of our Sport Management & Leadership program is that we offer 20+ areas of emphasis, including:

  • Athletic Administration
  • Athletic Coaching
  • Communication
  • Hospitality Management
  • Non-Profit Management
  • Sales Management
  • Strength and Conditioning
Cooperative Education

A Variety of Disciplines

Student-to-Teacher Ratio


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Sport Management & Leadership at Lakeland University

Sport Management & Leadership at Lakeland University

Do you see yourself founding and directing a select-level youth basketball or soccer league? Perhaps you'd like to work in sports information for a college or pro team, or at a golf or tennis resort. Maybe you love the idea of planning sports activities for youngsters at a YMCA or Boys & Girls Club, or helping NFL players reach their peak.

If any of these sports-oriented career paths appeal to you, Lakeland's Sport Management and Leadership major can put you directly on the correct path.

With  20+ areas of emphasis, our Sport Management & Leadership degree allows you to find your niche. The Coaching emphasis is self-explanatory. The Communication Track could lead to public relations and marketing jobs in sports. The Hospitality Management emphasis links nicely with the area's booming golf industry, and the Non-Profit Management emphasis prepares students to serve the YMCA or Boys & Girls Club among other non-profits that delve into fitness or wellness. Strength & Conditioning can lead to careers spanning from becoming a personal trainer to working with college and pro athletes to maximize their performance.

Let us help you find what interests you the most, and pursue your passion and/or dream of working within the sports industry.

What Makes Our Program Unique?

  • 12 areas of emphases in which the students can connect their career ambitions to the academic discipline(s) of choice.
  • A Cooperative Education emphasis option allowing for students to earn academic credits while earning valuable professional experience.
  • A wide variety of sport management and leadership of academic content including the business, leadership, law and ethics, and psychological dimensions of sport and leadership.
  • Proven Sport Management & Leadership internship, Cooperative Education, graduate school, and job placements in the sport industry.

Students who have successfully completed a B.A. in Sport Management and Leadership from Lakeland University will be able to:

  • Explain the major concepts in the functional areas of sport management, leadership, sport marketing, and facilities management.
  • Construct and present effective oral and written forms of professional communication.
  • Identify the key legal and ethical issues related to contemporary sport management conduct.
  • Identify guidelines relative to diversity and inclusion in the sport industry.
  • Demonstrate content knowledge as it pertains to the sport industry.
  • Demonstrate personal characteristics such as motivation, maturity, judgment, and adaptability as they pertain to the sport industry.


What are some careers available to me?
Athletic Director
Sales Associate
Marketing Coordinator
Sports Information Director
Annual Mean Wage
Percent Of Total Employment
Mean Hourly Wage
Median Hourly Wage

*Data provided by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for Marketing & Sales Managers in the spectator sports industry.

Cooperative Education

At Lakeland, we value work and the learning that happens in the workplace. Our Cooperative Education program is all about hands-on learning outside the classroom. Students learn more by doing. They gain real-world knowledge and earn academic credit for hands-on professional work experience — and coursework is centered around these real-life experiences, situations and career goals. Lakeland students explore their interests and, when they graduate, feel confident they will find a career in which they are passionate.

Lakeland University students have had the opportunity to work with both professional and minor-league sports teams, world-renowned golf courses, PGA of America, local non-profit organizations, etc. — ensuring our students gain the necessary experience to be successful at Lakeland, and beyond.

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  • Step 2: Submit official high school transcripts directly to Lakeland University.

Transfer Students

  • Step 1: Complete an application online.
  • Step 2: Request official transcripts from all institutions of higher education attended to be sent directly to Lakeland University.
    • Students who have NOT completed 12 transferrable credits MUST submit official high school transcripts.

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Admission Requirements

Once your application is received, your Lakeland University admissions counselor will be in touch.

  • Lakeland University accepts a high school diploma with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above or the equivalent of a high school diploma.
  • Lakeland University accepts transfer students who have earned at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA and are in good standing at other accredited institutions of higher learning.
  • We review each application on an individual basis.

*Exceptions to the above admission criteria may be granted for students with a cumulative GPA range from 1.75 to 1.99 if the academic experience that resulted in the less than 2.0 GPA was more than two years ago. Furthermore, typically students with a cumulative GPA range from 1.50 to 1.75 will only be considered if the poor academic performance experience that resulted in the less than 2.0 GPA was more than five years ago. Students receiving an exception will be admitted conditionally.

Meet Our Sport Management & Leadership Faculty

Academic Affairs | Athletics |
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April A. Arvan, Ph.D.

April A. Arvan, Ph.D.

Athletic Director, Professor of Sport Management & Leadership

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