Graduate Music Webinar Series

Graduate Music Webinar Series

Lakeland University is proud to launch the Graduate Music Webinar Series. This series will explore a wide variety of topics related to Kodály pedagogy. 

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Upcoming Webinars

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Graduate Music Program

The Graduate Music Program is designed for elementary, secondary, and independent music teachers who are seeking to grow their pedagogical, personal musicianship, and research skills. The program faculty are leaders in the field of music education and provide an experience that is joyful, supportive, and immensely meaningful.

    • Music educators can earn their Master of Music in Music Education – Kodály Emphasis degree in four summers, including an intensive two-week residency each summer, with limited online coursework throughout the academic year. Within the 34-credit program, students will also earn an OAKE (Organization of American Kodaly Educators) endorsed Kodály Certificate. Scholarships are available.
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    • Graduate students also have the option to complete their OAKE-endorsed Kodály Certificate in just three summers. This program takes place exclusively during a two-week residency for three summers and is 20 credits. Scholarships are available.
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    AOSA (American Orff-Schulwerk Association) endorsed Certificate. Music educators will develop their personal musicianship skills, learn to create stylistically and age-appropriate arrangements, and experience pedagogical models appropriate for the elementary and middle school classroom that emphasize improvisation and creativity. This approach stresses the importance of developing a child’s body, ear, and mind as an integrated pathway to creative expression and comprehensive musicianship.

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    • A variety of workshop courses including Levels 1 & 2, Exploring Hip-Hop Music Pedagogy, First Steps in Music, Conversational Solfege – Lower Level, 21st Century Orff Schulwerk: Making Responsive Teaching and Collaborative Learning Possible, and Voice for Music Educators are offered without graduate credit and at a reduced rate.
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