Lakeland University Graduation Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What would prevent the in-person ceremonies from happening?

Inclement weather or a COVID-19 outbreak.

If we have to cancel the in-person ceremonies due to inclement weather, we will announce that by 9 a.m. on Friday, April 30, via email, text, an announcement on the Commencement homepage and Lakeland's social media. Ceremonies will be held in moderate rain. If inclement weather forces us to move inside and the weather is forecast to pass quickly, we will slightly defer the start time of the ceremonies and graduates will move into various locations on campus until the weather clears and ceremonies can safely begin.

What is my GPA?

Students can view their GPA information on their unofficial transcript via my.Lakeland.

  • Determination of Honors regalia is made on the basis of the cumulative GPA for all coursework completed by the final day of the fall term and may include the entered or in-progress semester hour calculation of the individual student.
  • Official university academic honors citations are computed once all courses are completed and grades entered.
    • Honors designation may be newly awarded or rescinded for any student, once the final academic record assessment is made.
    • Official honors designations are recorded on the permanent academic transcript and diploma.

Should a student have a question about their GPA they can talk with their academic advisor or set up a virtual meet with a staff member in the Registrar's office. To do so, email to request a meeting.

What should I wear?

If it is a warm day, graduates should be mindful that it may become warm outside during the commencement ceremony. Graduates are encouraged to dress for both the event and the weather.

When will I receive my diploma? What will my diploma say?

You will receive your diploma in the mail after the term in which your degree requirements are completed. Diplomas are generally mailed six to eight weeks after term completion, provided a student's requirements have been met and the student account is free of any holds. The diploma states your name, indicates the type of degree you have been awarded as well as academic honors if you earned them. Majors and minors are not listed on the diploma. Your major is listed in the graduation program and on your academic transcript.

What if there is a medical emergency?

First aid services, provided by trained professionals, will be available if needed during the commencement exercises.

Is smoking allowed at Lakeland?

Smoking is not permitted in any Lakeland building. Smoking is permitted outdoors only.

Will there be any food available?

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will not have food available, so please plan accordingly.

Will you have flowers to purchase?

We will not have flowers on campus for purchase.

Will the in-person ceremonies be streamed live on the web for those who cannot attend?

Yes. The link to watch each in-person ceremony will be posted on the graduation homepage. These will also available to watch on demand shortly after the ceremonies.

We are also offering two virtual ceremonies for those graduates who choose to walk in the in-person ceremony and those who choose virtual only. The Kellett School (graduate and undergrad) ceremony and traditional undergrad ceremony will both debut at 6:30 p.m. CST. Links to watch either ceremony will be posted on the graduation homepage. These will also be available on demand.