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Green Bay Preble team tops forensic accounting competition

Green Bay Preble team tops forensic accounting competition


Green Bay Preble team tops forensic accounting competition

A team from Green Bay Preble High School topped a record field of 21 schools and more than 115 students in Lakeland University’s ninth high school forensic accounting competition.

The one-day event, held at Lakeland’s Sheboygan County campus, challenges teams of students to solve an accounting case study as they compete for the annual distinction of being the best high school accounting sleuths.

Second place went to a team from Monroe High School, third to River Falls High School and fourth to Brookfield East High School.

“This is a fun way for students to learn that accounting can be an exciting career field,” said Lakeland Associate Professor of Accounting Brett Killion, the event’s organizer. “Accounting is more than just debits, credits and bookkeeping. This is a fast-paced day that introduces business and accounting students to the many career paths available in accounting.”

The competition has teams of students working to solve an accounting mystery by providing clues. Teams present their findings to accounting professionals, who serve as judges. Teams are divided into pools, and the event culminates with a final four round where the pool winners present to all the judges to determine an overall winner.

Students attending the event learn about different careers in forensic accounting and hear presentations from experts in the forensic accounting field.

The day also included a panel discussion with two current Lakeland accounting students – senior Madison Schwartz and freshman Rory Stubler – and two-time Lakeland graduate Colleen Hagerty, who works as a consultant at Huberty.

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