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Kodály Summer Graduate Music: #SaveTheLibrary

Kodály Summer Graduate Music: #SaveTheLibrary


Kodály Summer Graduate Music: #SaveTheLibrary

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The Kodály Summer Graduate Music program is moving to Lakeland University from Holy Family College (formerly Silver Lake College of the Holy Family) where it was begun by Sister Lorna Zemke.


Since the inception of the Master of Music with a Kodály Emphasis at Holy Family College, a significant collection of Kodály related library materials has been assembled for the program. This collection includes an extensive folk song collection including materials from the United States, Hungary and other foreign countries. The library also includes items that were collected by Dr. Erno and Mrs. Katinka Daniel.

These resources, many of which are out of print and found only in this collection, are possibly the most extensive collection of Kodály materials in the Midwest. The collection also contains approximately 200 thesis projects from program graduates.

Following the closure of Holy Family College, this Kodály collection is at risk of falling out of circulation. Lakeland is raising funds to relocate the Kodály library from Holy Family College to Lakeland, where the library will serve students in the Kodály Summer Graduate Music program and will remain available to researchers across the globe.

This collection of Kodály library materials is the tangible evidence of Sister Lorna’s contributions to the world of Kodály Music education. Rehoming these materials at Lakeland would be the final step in continuing the program started at Holy Family with all that was built fully intact. Your help is needed (and appreciated) as we complete this final phase of the program’s transition.

Sister Lorna began her career working alongside Katinka Daniel on a Kodály pilot program in Santa Barbare, Calif. She went on to become an initial founder of the Organization of American Kodály Educators, Midwest Kodály Music Educators of America and Association of Wisconsin Area Kodály Educators. Sister Lorna directed the Kodály Summer Graduate Music program at Holy Family College for more than 40 years.

How Can You Help?

Please help us to #SaveTheLibrary! To donate, please click this link, where you will be directed to a secure site to make your donation. All donations will support the Graduate Music Program at Lakeland University, including the transition of the Kodály library from Holy Family College to Lakeland.

As a thank you, all donors who mention #SaveTheLibrary with their donation will be invited to a dedication ceremony (in-person and/or virtual) upon the successful completion of the campaign.

Donors who give $100-$999 will receive a signed thank you from LU Kodály program faculty, including John Feierabend, Ph.D. (chair – Kodaly Certificate program), Franklin Gallo, DMA (chair – Master of Music in Music Education, Kodály Emphasis program), and Sister Lorna Zemke.

Donors who give $1000+ will have their name listed on a plaque next to the new home of the Kodály library at Lakeland.

Donors may email Rachel Ware Carlton ( to discuss giving opportunities that would allow for full naming rights of the collection.

Gifts of all sizes are appreciated. Thank you for your support of the Kodály Summer Graduate Music program and for helping Lakeland maintain and expand the Kodály related library which was collected at Holy Family College.

To give a gift, please click the “Make a Gift” button below. You may select Kodaly - #SaveTheLibrary to designate your gift in support of the graduate music program.

You may also make a gift by mailing a check to:

Advancement Office
Lakeland University
W3718 South Dr
Plymouth, WI 53073