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Lakeland expands its offerings in Graduate Music

Lakeland expands its offerings in Graduate Music


Lakeland expands its offerings in Graduate Music

Lakeland University has added a new Graduate Music Certificate as a part of its Center for Advanced Disciplinary Studies (CADS) program. This certificate provides a pathway for music educators to become credentialed to teach dual-credit music courses. This certificate includes coursework related to music history and theory, best practices in pedagogy and music literature for choral and/or wind band ensembles. The majority of CADS Graduate Music Certificate courses are offered fully online.

Notably, the CADS Graduate Music Certificate can be used as an emphasis area in Lakeland’s recently revised Master of Education program.

“The CADS certificate option works well to support continuing education for area music teachers. The flexibility to take courses toward the certificate or to apply those toward the subject specialty in the Master of Education program allow us to support a variety of needs for field teachers,” said Lakeland’s Director of Bands Evan Chancellor. “We're excited to offer these in addition to the outstanding Master of Music curriculum.”

The addition of the CADS Graduate Music Certificate is the latest expansion of Lakeland’s music program. Recently, Lakeland added the Kodály Summer Graduate Music program to its offerings. This program, which will be held June 28-July 9, 2021, provides the opportunity for students to earn a Master of Music in Music Education – Kodály Emphasis degree and/or an OAKE-Endorsed Kodály Certificate. Various non-credit courses, including First Steps in Music and Conversational Solfege – Upper & Lower Levels, are also offered in this program. Additionally, Lakeland will offer an Orff Schulwerk Level I Certification program which will run from July 26-August 9, 2021.

“Lakeland University’s quick action to add innovative graduate music programs and professional development opportunities for music teachers clearly demonstrates the university’s commitment to become a center in our state for graduate music education,” said Director of Graduate Music Rachel Ware Carlton. “The Graduate Music programs that Lakeland offers – including the Kodály, Orff, and Graduate Music Certificate programs – will all inspire, challenge and transform students as both musicians and pedagogues. Each program allows students to customize their learning to have the greatest impact on their musicianship and teaching and are offered in a way that can fit into the demanding schedule of music educators.”

To learn more about the CADS Graduate Music Certificate, please visit this webpage, or contact Rachel Ware Carlton, director of graduate music, at

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