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Lakeland grad returns to deliver convo talk

Lakeland grad returns to deliver convo talk


Lakeland grad returns to deliver convo talk

Lakeland graduate Lee Neagle, an eating disorder specialist with nearly two decades of experience in mental health treatment, will give a convocation talk on Tuesday, Jan. 28 at 11 a.m. in the Bradley Theatre.

His talk is entitled "Staying Connected in a Perfectionistic World: How to Connect and Live by our Values." Neagle will discuss how being seen as a perfectionist today is considered a positive trait, as it invokes images of a disciplined, hardworking and meticulous individual. But the reality is much bleaker, he will share, as struggling with perfectionism leaves individuals with feelings of insecurity and constant dissatisfaction.

Throughout this discussion, Neagle we will review the consequences of perfectionism both physically and emotionally as well as the differences between perfectionism and goal-focused behaviors, the comparing culture will live in today and ways that we can cultivate mindfulness to assist in our day to day life. Ultimately, we will explore what matters to us and how to align our actions with the type of person we want to be.

Neagle, the co-founder and chief operating officer of Certa Scientia Consulting, has lectured nationally for the last several years on a wide range of topics including eating disorder awareness/identification, perfectionism, mindfulness and experiential therapies.

Certa Scientia Consulting is a behavioral healthcare consulting firm that guides clients through accreditation and state licensing preparation; auditing and risk minimization; and quality assurance and performance improvement (QAPI) program development.

Prior to founding Certa Scientia, Neagle, a licensed professional counselor in the state of Wisconsin, was executive director of the Aloria Health Institute for Education and Research and the vice president of operations for a multistate eating disorder treatment organization.

He is an active lobbyist on Capitol Hill as an advocate for eating disorder treatment and is formally a board member of the Residential Eating Disorder Consortium. He also served on the advisory committee for the adoption of eating disorders standards with The Joint Commission.

At Lakeland, he earned his bachelor of arts in psychology and minor in business administration in 2003. He was a two-year captain of the men’s volleyball team and was a member of the men’s golf team and the Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society.

Neagle was on campus last fall for the 2019 School of Science, Technology & Education Colloquium.