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Lakeland grads return to share their success stories


Lakeland grads return to share their success stories

Lakeland University invited a number of successful alumni back to campus this week for the annual academic colloquium events.

These events give current and prospective Lakeland students an opportunity to hear the stories of Lakeland graduates who majored in various academic programs at Lakeland.

The events are also an opportunity for prospective students and their families to visit campus and give students an opportunity to interview for the full-tuition scholarships offered by each of Lakeland’s academic schools.

The Humanities & Fine Arts Colloquium, which was moderated by HFA Dean Karl Kuhn, included:

  • Rebecca Charbonneau ’00 MEd ’07, instructional coach and district leadership team member at Sheboygan Falls Elementary and Middle School.
  • Gina Covelli ’06, director of community impact at United Way of Sheboygan County.
  • Emma Landowski ’16, chaplain at Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital, Ozaukee County.

The Business Colloquium, which was moderated by Britanni Meinnert, instructor of hospitality management, included:

  • Kristina Filipovic ’10, director of service and retention with the Milwaukee Bucks.
  • Austin Hansen ’18, corporate services coordinator with the PGA of America.
  • Tim Klapperich ’15 MBA ’19, project leader – supply chain at Kohler Co. Power Systems.

The Science & Technology Colloquium, which was moderated by Richard Lemke, associate professor of criminal justice, included:

  • Garrett Heng ’12, criminal intelligence analyst and gang/security threat group specialist with the North Central High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area.
  • Allison Norman ’08, mathematics teacher at Sheboygan North High School.
  • Sami Williams ’17, pediatric physical therapist with Curative Care Network.

Over the three days, these alumni shared a wealth of insight into skills that today’s employers are seeking in member of their workforce.

Below is a list of some of what they encouraged students to keep in mind when they begin their job searches and prepare for post-Lakeland life:

  • Change is constant, so be ready to accept it.
  • Be flexible and ready to help where help is needed.
  • Have an open mind to new ways of doing things.
  • Demonstrate excellence in some field – academics, athletics, fine arts, etc. Show that you have improved.
  • Be ready to tell your story to show what you can add to an organization’s culture. Share your passions and how they will fit in.
  • Be a creative problem solver.
  • Be a good communicator and a good listener.
  • Understand how to build relationships with people.
  • Have a good attitude and look to work collaboratively as a team player.
  • Be reliable – if you say you’re doing to do something, make sure you deliver.
  • Be a good person who is open, honest, genuine and kind.
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