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LU celebrates December main campus grads

LU celebrates December main campus grads


LU celebrates December main campus grads

Lakeland recently celebrated the December graduates of its traditional main campus program with a recognition reception.

Two members of the class, Jean Louis and Kearstin Schweitzer, shared their Lakeland stories, and another class member, Brice Kensey, led the grads, LU employees, family and friends in a toast to the graduates.

Louis, a native of Haiti, said, “The experience here at Lakeland was life changing for me. I’ve always felt the love and the support of everyone here. As a result, I became more confident, built leadership skills, created networks and gained more experience.”

Schweitzer served Lakeland as the first female football coach in the program’s history. “What I am hoping to leave here at Lakeland is the sense of determination and the will to do what is right for yourself,” she said. “To be unapologetically who you are and to keep pushing through all the adversity. What awaits you on the other side is much greater.”

LU President Beth Borgen, Vice-President for Campus Life David Simon and Director for Leadership and Student Engagement Corey Roberson all shared thoughts on behalf of Lakeland.

The students recognized are eligible to participate in Lakeland’s annual Commencement ceremony, set for May 7, 2022.

Lakeland’s December graduates include:

Jason Anger, Ian Bainbridge, Gregory Barber, Andrew Colley, Ezekiel Combs, Anna Copeland, Jonathon Evans, Jamie Feldmann, Taichi Furuya, Abigail Gastrau, Michelle Gudex, Zachary Hasenstein, Brice Kensey, Christopher Kletzien, Jean Louis, Kimberly McKay, Kashio Miyoshi, Anna Reiter, Anthony Romens,

Kylie Scherer, Dayne Schleusner, Kearstin Schweitzer, Zoe Schrameyer, Aaron Smith, Tre'vion Smith, Jaclyn Stielow, Noah Switzer, Nao Takahashi, Toua Thao, Mana Uchida, Parker Vollbrecht, Justin Wahl Adame, Calley Wesemann, Sabrina Wickman, Cha Xiong, Maizoua Yang, Devon Zahn, Dylan Zastrow.

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