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LU class will help local high school students prepare for future


LU class will help local high school students prepare for future

Lakeland University and INSPIRE Sheboygan County have partnered with three local high schools to provide their students access to a tuition-free Lakeland course as part of their Academic & Career Planning offerings.

Students at Sheboygan South High School, Random Lake High School and George D. Warriner High School in Sheboygan – all INSPIRE partners – can take Lakeland’s 1-credit Professional Protocol course this year for both high school and college credit.

The partnership expands the offerings at these schools as part of their Academic & Career Planning (ACP) programming.

ACP was developed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to better prepare youth to make informed choices about their post-graduation options. It includes tools and strategies that support K-12 graduates in being “life ready.”

The responsibility of building curriculum happens at the individual school level. Random Lake School District Superintended Mike Trimberger said this partnership will assist participating schools in addressing some of the staffing and other challenges in developing a successful program.

Trimberger noted that the partnership is already gaining attention from other local school districts and adding new school partners is anticipated.

Lakeland’s Cooperative Education curriculum has been recognized for preparing individuals personally and professionally.

“Through this partnership, we have come together to offer the very best to our youth and are utilizing resources in our community,” Trimberger said.

Lakeland’s Professional Protocol course allows students to explore strategies to connect with employers of interest using the INSPIRE network, review how they present themselves to others and develop confidence in their communication skills. The course focuses on appropriate workplace behavior, business etiquette and professional communication strategies, all skills in demand by today’s employers.

The partners hope to include other Lakeland course offerings in the near future.

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