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LU, Co-Op partners finding creative ways to hire students

LU, Co-Op partners finding creative ways to hire students


LU, Co-Op partners finding creative ways to hire students

Recruiting for talent has become more challenging for employers in the COVID era and it requires new, creative approaches.

Lakeland University, Kohler Co. and INSPIRE Sheboygan are partnering to give students employment opportunities through Lakeland’s Cooperative Education program.

Jess Lambrecht, Lakeland’s Associate VP of Cooperative Education, said employers have found it is nearly impossible to hire international candidates during COVID, forcing human resources and talent recruitment professionals to adjust their strategy.

Claudia Krepsky, Senior HR Project Leader at Kohler Co., has been a member of Lakeland’s Cooperative Education Advisory Board since its inception in 2017. She provides support in sharing ideas of how Lakeland can strengthen partnerships with corporations from the region. The advisory board helps to strategize how to grow talent and improve student’s overall employability skills.

Lambrecht said Lakeland relies on partners like Destination Kohler. “They help meet student employment interests because they provide high-end customer service training where our students can thrive,” she said.

Destination Kohler will have full-time openings on its summer housekeeping team and Lakeland’s Co-Op program is a primary source of talent.

Kohler is providing an additional financial incentive for LU students to work for Destination Kohler this summer during its busy tourism season by covering the cost of student textbooks during two terms, in addition to full-time hourly earnings. Lakeland will provide transportation to/from work at no cost, as well as the option to earn academic credit for work-based learning.

“Being a part of a global company, being able to work with classmates and having guaranteed work hours is a great package for our students,” Lambrecht said. “Often, college students delay and forgo purchasing of textbooks due to the high costs. This is one way we can all help them address those financial concerns.”

Thanks to the involvement of INSPIRE Sheboygan County and their virtual career activities, Destination Kohler will be featuring the Earn & Learn program on February 10-11 for those interested in learning more. The event is open to all LU students. 

Learn more at or email with any questions.

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