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LU-Japan officially becomes four-year campus

LU-Japan officially becomes four-year campus


LU-Japan officially becomes four-year campus

Lakeland University learned today that the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, Culture and Technology in Japan has officially approved allowing Lakeland University Japan to offer Bachelor of Arts degrees. The announcement completes LUJ’s conversion to a four-year degree granting institution.

A two-year institution for its first 30 years, LUJ will start immediately offering its students the B.A. in Business Administration, focusing on communication, hospitality management and international business. LUJ will also immediately be able to offer student visas to international students seeking the Bachelor of Arts degree, in addition to those seeking the Associate of Arts degree.

Founded in 1991, Lakeland is the only private, American liberal arts university in Japan and one of just two American universities in Japan, along with Temple University. LUJ has offered an Associate of Arts degree to Japanese citizens in English, and offered students that completed the degree the opportunity to attend Lakeland’s Wisconsin campus and complete a four-year degree.

“This is a historic moment for Lakeland and our 30-year commitment to Japan,” said Lakeland President Beth Borgen. “I am thankful to the many faculty and staff who worked hard to make this milestone possible.

“Through the decades, our Japan campus has grown significantly and today we welcome students from as many as 40 countries who represent up to 35% of our student body at any given time. These international students often hope to complete their degrees in Japan, and we are proud to say that today’s announcement allows them to do that at LUJ.”

Along with offering four- and two-year degree programs, LUJ will continue to work with international students who wish to study in the United States. Students have the opportunity to study at LU-Wisconsin and Virginia Wesleyan University, choices that provide access to more than 70 majors.

Today’s announcement also creates a new study abroad opportunity for students attending Lakeland’s Wisconsin campus.

“Now more than ever, Lakeland is a global campus, and we are excited to offer our students another way to immerse themselves in another culture by living and learning in Japan,” Borgen said. “This sister school arrangement promotes study abroad opportunities for students at any of the three campuses.”