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LU launches new student peer support initiative

LU launches new student peer support initiative


LU launches new student peer support initiative

According to research, students turn first and foremost to their peers for help. Motivated by this information, Lakeland has developed a program that provides peer support through trained Lakeland Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) graduate students.

This virtual program provides a space for students in Lakeland’s Kellett School of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies to connect and discuss their worries in confidence and to receive non-clinical support for a range of issues that they might encounter throughout their academic careers. The program is under the direction of the LU Counseling Center and the MAC program.

LUSI peer support providers (PSPs) are selected graduate students at the advanced level in the MAC clinical mental health track. Along with their advanced graduate studies, the PSPs also complete training specific to Telemental Health (TMH) and peer support.

The goal of LUSI is to enhance the values of caring, support and responsiveness within the Kellett School and the Lakeland campus community.

The LUSI program can provide up to four support sessions for each specific student concern, with sessions lasting up to 45 minutes (possibly up to 60 minutes for the first session). Sessions are completely confidential and provided free to students.

Kaitlyn Larsen, who is graduating this May from Lakeland with a master’s in professional counseling, serves as a PSP.

“As a clinical mental health counseling graduate student, I have experience helping children and adults work through stressful and emotional times,” Larsen said. “No one should feel alone. I believe that we all deserve to live our best lives, and my passion is in helping others do just that … live their best lives and reach their full potential.”

For more information, or to connect with a PSP, contact Counseling Center Director Alex Liosatos at

The bottom line, there is a PSP, a Kellett School student much like you, ready to let you know You are Not Alone.