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LU offers psychoanalysis course for students, professionals


LU offers psychoanalysis course for students, professionals

Lakeland University has an exciting course, A People’s History of Psychoanalysis – Improving Race Relations and Social Justice Issues, offered this semester for either students in Lakeland’s Master of Arts in Counseling program or for a professional Develop U seminar.

The seven-week course will take place from March 17 through April 28. As a course, it will expand on counseling graduate students’ knowledge of this counseling theory as well as other counseling professionals understanding of the discipline of psychoanalysis, which is one of the foundational theories within the counseling field. Juxtaposed with history and present day, the class will also examine the impact of oppression with a lens toward liberation psychology.

Leading the Develop U sessions and teaching the course is Sara Totten, Ph.D., a regular Lakeland MAC instructor who is director of student services for DeForest School District and currently the president of the Wisconsin Council for Administrators of Special Services (WCASS).

This course is ideal for current counseling graduate students and undergraduate psychology students, as well as current practicing clinicians.

This course can be taken three ways:

  • As a professional development seminar through Develop U, which is run by Launch: Lakeland University Student-Run Businesses.
  • As a two-credit course toward a Lakeland Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) degree.
  • As a two-credit elective for undergraduate students and a way to get a jumpstart on a graduate degree.

To learn more about pricing or to sign up for the course, visit

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