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First master of music grad creates unique podcast


First master of music grad creates unique podcast

Lakeland University's first graduate of the Kodály Summer Graduate Music program is stirring up the airwaves with a new podcast.

Janet Heinemann's capstone project culminated in the podcast Teaching Orchestra, a research-based program exclusively for orchestra teachers.

Although she had never listened to a podcast prior to embarking on this journey, the series has become a part of her continuing education.

Each episode covers topics identified by Wisconsin-area orchestra educators during the research portion of her project. To provide the best and most relevant information for her listeners, Heinemann and her podcast partner, Jessica Wahl, vet each topic and supply links and further information via their website.

"I'm not just doing it, closing the book and moving on with my life," said Heinemann, who currently teaches middle and high school orchestra in suburban Madison, Wis. "To me, it's a springboard to do more, and keep making podcasts."

In evaluating Lakeland's program, Heinemann said the flexibility offered was crucial to her success and she found the number of distinguished instructors and compelling course options increased after the program moved to Lakeland.

"Having it be close [in state] was a bonus," Heinemann said. "People come from all over the country and all over the world to study at this program because it's so unique and well respected."

Rachel Ware Carlton, dean of the Kellett School and director of LU's Graduate Music program, said that relocating and growing the Kodály Summer Graduate Music program is inherent to the mission of music education at Lakeland.

"We're not only proud to continue the great work of this program, but we're also incredibly proud of seeing Lakeland's first graduate of the program," said Carlton. "We're excited to see the level of success Janet has reached with this project."

The Kodály Summer Graduate Music program moved to Lakeland from Holy Family College (formerly Silver Lake College of the Holy Family) where it was founded by Sister Lorna Zemke. Sister Lorna began her career working alongside Katinka Daniel on a Kodály pilot program in Santa Barbara, Calif. She went on to become an initial founder of the Organization of American Kodály Educators, Midwest Kodály Music Educators of America and Association of Wisconsin Area Kodály Educators. Sister Lorna directed the Kodály Summer Graduate Music program at Holy Family College for more than 40 years.

Sister Lorna remains on the faculty at Lakeland, serving as a faculty advisor on student capstone projects.

Heinemann is in her 16th year of teaching public school music. She earned a double Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and Music Education from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. Her research and pedagogical interests include comprehensive musicianship through performance, social justice in music education and applying general music methodology to the instrumental music rehearsal setting.