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LU students flex academic muscle at Undergrad Research Symposium

LU students flex academic muscle at Undergrad Research Symposium


LU students flex academic muscle at Undergrad Research Symposium

Students showcased their academic talent as Lakeland University held its annual Undergraduate Research & Scholarship Symposium on April 19.

The event is a celebration of academics that gives dozens of students in all the university’s academic programs an opportunity to discuss research they’ve conducted and major projects completed during this school year. No classes are held that day and students are invited to attend sessions and hear their peers present.

Dakota Fenn, a junior majoring in biology, was awarded the inaugural Roozen ’66 Undergraduate Research Award in honor of Prof. A. Wangemann ’55. Fenn’s research project is titled Assessing [PSI]+ Prion Induction Rates in Deletions of S. cerevisiae Homologs of Three Genes Associated with Alzheimer's Disease.

As a Lakeland student, the late Kenneth Roozen, Ph.D., was inspired by the late Allen Wangemann, a popular biology professor at Lakeland, to study biology, conduct undergraduate research and pursue post-graduate work during which he later obtained his masters and doctoral degrees in cellular biology and molecular genetics. This inspiration led Roozen to a lifelong career in academic research and administration leadership throughout his career at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the Medical University of South Carolina.

Fenn’s project was selected by Lakeland science/math faculty for having the best original scientific research presented at Wednesday’s symposium. His research was conducted last summer with LU Professor of Biology Greg Smith.

The award is intended to instill and inspire Lakeland students with the spirit of Wangemann, a longtime Lakeland professor who created a tradition of original undergraduate science research at Lakeland.

The day got started in the Bradley Theatre with keynote presentations from faculty about their research work. This year’s presenters were:

  • Kerry Hamm: “Understanding the Impact of Our Shared Trauma Experience”
  • Madeleine Wattenberg: "Rhyme and Reason: Research in Poetry"
  • Leili Afsah-Hejri: “Electronic nose (E-nose) technology and its application in the food industry”
  • Joe Eisenmann: “Long-Term Athletic Development: A holistic approach to health & performance”
  • Stephanie Hoskins: “Building a Rural Entrepreneurial Ecosystem”

Following the opening session there were several sessions of oral presentations by students, followed by a poster session. Here’s a complete list of the student-led presentations from the day:

  • Bora Ajdini, "The process of studying Afghani refugee integration in the Milwaukee community"
  • Lauren Downs, “Promoting Civic Engagement at LU”
  • Kaylee Zipperer, “Inclusive Education Through Implementation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)”
  • Madeline Buechel, “Tutor Training in Dyslexia” to “Academic Coach Training in Dyslexia”
  • Bora Ajdini and Quinn Garner, "Cinema in the Spanish Speaking World"
  • Sammi Butler, "Exercise as an Intervention for Depressive Disorders"
  • Dana Hanson, “Classroom Disruptions: An Observational Study”
  • Carson Terry, “(Dis)Regard to Authority: Campus Security and College Students”
  • Autumn Jacobson, “Abuse and Neglect Contribute to Delinquency”
  • Chloe Cunningham, “Sexual Assault Victimization”

“Seems 54” Release
Assistant editors:

  • Christian E. Gartner and Mae Wikkerink “Cataloging and Submissions”
  • Maxwell Kutz “Copy Editing and Layout”
  • Marian Cramer “Cover Design and Printing”

Creative Writing Senior Project Reading

  • Christian E. Gartner: “Space Shanties,” A Collection of Linked Sci-Fic
  • Maxwell Kutz: “Sisyphus Sighs,” Poetry Collection
  • Parker J. Brasch: “Kissing Kincade,” A Novel

Poster Session
*Indicates student presenters

  • Moderating Influences on Attitudes Towards Mental Health Treatment: Michaela Schmitz*, Mikalea Pingel and Jessica H. Kalmar
  • Exploring Academic Accessibility and Perception of Universal Design for Learning in Postsecondary Education: Kaylee Zipperer*, Lydia M. Iwanski, Baylee Babcock, Mikalea Pingel & Jessica H. Kalmar
  • Mental Health Stigma Through a Cross-Cultural Lens: Mikalea Pingle*
  • Assessing [PSI]+ Prion Induction Rates in Deletions of S. cerevisiae Homologs of Three Genes Associated with Alzheimer's Disease: Dakota Fenn* and Gregory Smith
  • Preparing Public School Teachers to Better Serve LGBTQ+ Students: Ellie Felsinger*
  • Visions of the Afterlife: Ghosts!: George Krutzik* and Lucas Schanen*
  • Visions of the Afterlife: Vampires!: Jacob Hoadley* and Krystian Allen*
  • Association of lower body strength and power with sprinting ability in softball players: Madison Johnson*
  • Utilization of GPS technology to determine training load: Paige Olsen*
  • Validity of the Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery test and 6-minute run for measuring maximal aerobic speed: Brelynn Scoles*
  • Validity of portable contact mats for assessing vertical jump height: Maeve Sullivan*
  • Association of lower body and rotational strength & power on exit velocity for softball hitting: Abby Runkel*
  • Variation of organic compound production during grain mash process via various extraction methods: Nicole Sachman*
  • The nutritional value of yogurt and it’s production process: Nicole Sachman*
  • Cheese: The Food of Many Forms: Eian Vetting*
  • Milk chocolate: facts and components: Roseily Carrasquillo*
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