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Numbers add up for Lakeland accounting program

Numbers add up for Lakeland accounting program


Numbers add up for Lakeland accounting program

Lakeland recently surveyed students graduating this May with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, and the results continue to show how LU’s program positions students for post-graduation success.

With the nation’s average student loan debt upon graduation at $29,400 and Wisconsin at $30,270, students in Lakeland’s accounting program have been well under those numbers. From December 2019 through this May’s graduating class:

  • The median student loan debt for Lakeland accounting program graduates was $15,000.
  • 32% of accounting students graduated with $0 student loan debt including two this year.
  • For non-transfer students who started at Lakeland, 54% graduated in less than four years. For all accounting students (including transfers), 42% graduated in less than four years.

“Our program allows students to accelerate their time to graduation if they choose while also providing ways to minimize student debt,” said Associate Professor of Accounting Brett Killion. “Our students are getting significant work experience through accounting partner companies in Lakeland’s Cooperative Education program. Students also have numerous scholarship opportunities to help pay for school.”

To learn more about Lakeland’s accounting program, click here

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