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Students present research during annual symposium

Students present research during annual symposium


Students present research during annual symposium

Lakeland University held its annual Undergraduate Research & Scholarship Symposium on April 24.

The event is a celebration of academics that gives dozens of students in all the university’s academic programs an opportunity to discuss research they’ve conducted this school year. No classes are held that day and students are invited to attend sessions and hear their peers present.

The day got started in the Bradley Theatre with keynote presentations from faculty. This year’s presenters were April Arvan, Evan Chancellor, Reina Drake, Anthony Liguori and Gregory Smith. There are two sessions of oral presentations by students, followed by a poster session.

Here’s a complete list of the presentations from the day:



  • Tia Hoisington: “The ImPerfect Process of Motherhood”
  • Matthew Seider: “Practical Math Education Aid”
  • Erin Iwanski: “Ted Bundy: Mentally Ill or Mentally Stable?”
  • Tia Hoisington: "The Hidden Demons of Marilyn Monroe”

SESSION IB: Advanced Organic Chemistry

  • Meagan Simmons: “Complete Synthesis of a Substituted Chalcone”
  • Eeshi Vue: “Complete Synthesis of (±)-Tramadol”
  • Mitchel Larsen: “Complete Synthesis of (S)-Ketamine”
  • Paige Brennum: “Complete Synthesis of Nitisinone”
  • Akashi Yamada: “Complete Synthesis of Tavaborole"

SESSION IC: Business & Entrepreneurship

  • Clarice Case: “Co-Op at Road America”
  • Mikayla Schowalter: “Co-Op at Hy-Vee Arena with Middle Man Marketing”
  • Deonte Carlton: “Co-Op as an SML major at The Osthoff Resort”
  • Nathan Sampson: “Applications Support & Software Development at Thrivent Financial”

SESSION ID: Plant Science

  • Patrick Sullivan: “Measuring the Effect of Conifer Exudates on the Growth Dynamics of Bean Plants”
  • Chacone (Ben) Vue: “ The Effect of Varying Light Levels on the Production of Aquatic Photosynthesizers”
  • Grace Schumacher: “Examining the Role of Diminished Phosphorus Availability on the Growth and Lipid Content of the Diatom Navicula"
  • Justin Reynders: “Testing the Effect of the Secondary Metabolite Caffeine on the Growth of Bean Plants”
  • Grace Schumacher: "Algae, Animals, and Nitrogen, Oh my! Examining Trophic Level Effects of Different Nitrogen Sources Presented to Primary Producers"

SESSION IE: Computer Science

  • Carl Garner: “Access Granted: How $10 can be Used to Get Information to Gain Entry into New Places”
  • Daniel & Nicholas Koerber: “NAO Web Applications and Artificial Intelligence”
  • Timothy Koerber: “Get a Move on: Robotic Motion & Inverse Kinematics Applied to Virtual Reality”
  • Kyle Roever: “Resin Possibilities: Creating Dreams One Micron at a Time”
  • Naema Ennin: “Fabric of the Future: How 3D Fabric can Revolutionize the Fashion Industry”


  • Gabrielle Boss: “Acid Wash”
  • Luke Ulatowski: “Extremely Violent Times”
  • Zachery Mock: “Running into the Flame of Failure”


  • Stephanie Figueroa: “Graphic Design Service Learning Project: Finding Hope Farms”
  • Rylee Garand: “Graphic Design Service Learning Project: Small Space Shop”
  • Fong Thao: “Graphic Design Service Learning Project: ROOTS”


  • Karina Aguirre Vazquez: “Exploring the Use of In-Person Compared to Digital Interpreters for Spanish-Speaking Patients”
  • Andrea Barile: “Life in Plastic is Fantastic: A study of the South Korean Cosmetic Surgery Industry”
  • Kyle Domark: “Communicating the State of Male Mental Health”
  • Jamie Ehlert: “Comparing the Importance of Setting in Medical Consultations”


SESSION IIA: Honors: Senior Projects & Directed Reading

  • Zachery Mock: “Revamping the Scholars Program”
  • Amber Knutson: “A Real LU Problem: Project Snip and Tip”
  • Grace Schumacher: “Horsin' Around: 4H Equine Education”
  • Molly Schwibinger: “The Sounds of Chocolate and the Color Purple: Music in the Mind”

SESSION IIB: Advanced Organic Chemistry

  • Elizabeth Seibert: “Complete Synthesis of Masoprocol”
  • Thomas Coleman: “Complete Synthesis of Flutamide”
  • Vincent Hoderny: “Complete Synthesis of Melphalan”
  • Lauren Bruggink: “Complete Synthesis of Tamoxifen”

SESSION IIC: Business And Entrepreneurship

  • Keyshla Reyes: “Pre-Nursing Major at Aurora Health Care”
  • Zach Olson: “Van Horn Automotive Sales + Co-Op”
  • ENACTUS: “The Enactus club and the holiday giving tree update” - Supervised by Kim Viglietti


  • Adrienne Guarnieri: “The Palestinian Conflict Through the Lens of Liberation Theology”
  • Abigail Kelly: “The Rise of Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism in the U.S.”

SESSION IIF: Advanced Nonfiction Readings: Pocket Change

  • Heather Vrba: “Ghosts”
  • Aaliyah Lewis McCollum: “The Secret”
  • Beverly Foster: “Becoming”
  • Gabrielle Boss: “Planned Sisterhood”
  • Megan Austreng: “Appreciate, Adrienne”
  • Scarlett Archuleta: “Salsa & Saltines”
  • Amira Mongin: “Bittersweet Comfort”
  • Dan Janeshek: “Nightingale”
  • Travis Hildebrandt: “The Ballad of Dee Dee and Nana (and Dee Dee)”
  • Zeni Yacab: “The Shadows Around Me”
  • Hannah-Harder Chancellor: “The Ice of Existential Doom”

SESSION IIG: Health Communication

  • Chase Lindgren: “An Examination of Effective Nurse-to-Patient Cross-Cultural Communication”
  • Emily Marten: “Exploring the Effectiveness of Face-to-Face and Technology-Based Treatments for Anxiety”
  • Austin Tanck: “Potential for Gamification of Mental Health for College Athletes”
  • Matthew Seider: “Improving Vaccine Hesitancy with Social Media”


  • Background and Position Profile of Wisconsin Physical Therapists - Dylan T. Lange, Alyssa M. Stockero, & William P. Ebben
  • Job and Career Satisfaction is Related to Physical, Mental, and Relational Well-being of Physical Therapists - Dylan T. Lange, Alyssa M. Stockero, & William P. Ebben
  • Longitudinal Monitoring of the Nutrition, Sleep, and Physical Performance Status of College Soccer Players - Dylan T. Lange, Alyssa M Stockero, Joshua J. Mann, & William P. Ebben
  • Job Responsibilities and Job Satisfaction of Wisconsin Physical Therapists - Alyssa M. Stockero, Dylan T. Lange, Martesia Neal, & William P. Ebben
  • Multi-planar Analysis of the Traditional Versus Smith Machine Back Squat - Josh R. Reisimer, Casey Takahashi, Dylan T. Lange, Garrett Duffin, & William P. Ebben
  • A Nationwide Survey of the Job Responsibilities and Satisfaction of Chiropractors - Dylan T. Lange, Alyssa M. Stockero, James R. Antley, & William P. Ebben
  • Job and Career Satisfaction is Related to Mental and Relational Well-being of Chiropractors - Alyssa M. Stockero, Dylan T. Lange, James R. Antley, & William P. Ebben
  • Background and Position Profile of Chiropractors - Alyssa M. Stockero, Dylan T. Lange, James R. Antley, & William P. Ebben
  • Gender Analysis of Hip Adductor Abductor Force Ratio - Garrett T. Duffin, Alyssa M. Stockero, Martesia M. Neal, Jack R. Shevalier, & William P. Ebben
  • The optimal plyometric exercise horizontal to vertical force ratio for sprinting - Garrett T. Duffin, Alyssa. M. Stockero, & William P. Ebben
  • A Review of Canadian Graduate and Professional School Health Science Programs - Davan Fleming & William P. Ebben
  • Beer Chemistry: Determining the α-Acid Concentration (bitterness) in Hops using HPLC - Adrienne Guarnieri, Thomas Coleman, Lauren Bruggink, & Jered McGivern
  • Kombucha Chemistry: How Much Acetic Acid Tastes Good? - Vincent Hoderny, Eeshi Vue, Samantha Cummings, & Jered McGivern
  • Development of Oxidative Damage Model Using Stem Cell Derived Astrocytes - Lauren Bruggink & Jered McGivern
  • Effects of Cell Cycle Arrest on [PSI+] Curing by GuanidineHydrochloride and Dimethyl Sulfoxide in Saccharomyces cerevisiae - Thomas Coleman & Gregory Smith
  • Curing the [PSI+] Prion State Using Dimethyl Sulfoxide - Samuel Bartlett & Gregory Smith
  • M821L Mutation in NMDA Receptor 2C Subunits Interferes with Receptor Translocation to the Cell Membrane - Tia Hoisington & Andrew Karls
  • Quantifying Cell Density via Spectrophotometric Absorbance in Seven Freshwater Algae and a Cyanobacterium - Neil R. Rohde, Grace A. Schumacher, & Paul C. Pickhardt
  • Determining the Effect of Increasing Nitrogen to Phosphorus ratios on Biovolume Production of Four Freshwater Algae - Grace A. Schumacher, Neil R. Rohde, & Paul C. Pickhardt
  • Impacts of Bilingualism Onset, Second Language Fluency, and Sex Differences on Creativity - Mai Lor, Emilie Schartner, Molly Schwibinger, Ariel Lochman, Olivia Hansen, Kayla Potter, & Jessica Kalmar
  • Epstein-Barr Virus Expression of microRNAs Suppresses Host Immune Response - Tegan Schneider & Gregory Smith
  • Musicianship’s Contributions to Creative Thinking - Emilie Schartner, Mai Lor, Molly Schwibinger, Ariel Lochman, Olivia Hansen, Kayla Potter, & Jessica Kalmar