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Students will benefit from redesigned LU music degree


Students will benefit from redesigned LU music degree

Lakeland University has redesigned its bachelor's degree in music to provide more options for students who are drawn to the wide range of career paths in music.

Lakeland music majors will now select from one of three emphasis areas – musicology, songwriting & composition or business & contemporary music.

"People sometimes look at majors within the humanities and don't always see connections between the programs or coursework and the 'real world,'" said Joshua Kutney, dean of Lakeland's School of Humanities & Fine Arts. "These changes will allow our general music degree to be career focused and provide opportunities for students to do experiential learning outside the classroom based on what they might want to do after graduation."

The changes will also allow students to leverage opportunities in Lakeland's Cooperative Education program, which allows students to earn 12-18 months of professional work experience prior to graduation, or to consider adding a second major.

"The emphasis areas really provide students with more individual choices that will allow them to tailor a pathway based on their career interest," said Lakeland Assistant Professor of Music Evan Chancellor. "We are confident this approach will be popular with students, and we're excited to see the pathways that students will take as part of this program."

All three emphasis areas take advantage of existing Lakeland coursework and give students a taste of classes that prepare them for post-graduation careers.

"It's not uncommon for people working in music to have several jobs within the field," Chancellor said. "For example, someone who owns or works in a music store might perform as part of their own band. We've structured this major to give students multiple experiences to prepare them for life after graduation."

In addition to the bachelor's in music, Lakeland's popular music education and music performance degree programs will also remain as options for students.