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Thank you, Lakeland.

Thank you, Lakeland.


Thank you, Lakeland.

As second semester is winding down and the chatter of graduation begins, I figured it was only fitting to say thank you to the place I’ve spent the last four years.

Coming into Lakeland as an 18 year old, wide eyed freshman, I had no idea of the amazing adventures that were patiently waiting ahead for me. Reflecting and reminiscing on my time here is so easy and is always bitter sweet. And my friends and I have been doing a lot more reminiscing lately as our time here draws to a close.

There are truly no words to accurately describe my time here, as it’s been filled with the best times of my life.

Thank you for the opportunities. I have not only been able to network on campus, but also within companies off campus, which has proved to be more than beneficial.

Thank you for giving me the chance to be a college athlete. For allowing me to spend four years in between those beautiful white lines.

Thank you for the one-of-a-kind professors who helped me figure out my path and became amazing mentors and people I could come to with any type of problem.

Finally, thank you for the friends. The best, always there no matter the time, forever friends. You all have had such a huge impact on me as a person, and have been a part of my favorite memories.

So thank you, Lakeland. You have truly given me a home away from home.