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Lakeland College Study Abroad program

Education is the key to a successful future in today's world. Studying abroad provides you with an opportunity to expand your knowledge, cultural awareness and learning experiences; therefore investing in the successful future every college student strives to obtain post-graduation.

Lakeland University offers programs in eight different countries including our newest addition of the University of Luxembourg.

Whether you are looking to study biology, law, business or a foreign language, you will find your interest in one of our semester or yearlong programs abroad. If you are interested in studying abroad, please contact Julia Rodemeier at

Study abroad options include:

Lakeland University Japan

More info about studying at Lakeland University Japan

The Lakeland University Study Abroad Program offers students the opportunity to spend a semester, or year, at its campus in Tokyo, Japan.

Study Abroad at Lakeland College Japan

Japan is one of the world's most advanced economic countries. An island nation with a population of more than 125 million and 146,000 square miles, Japan is a principal trading partner with the United States, Europe and Asia, as well as other areas of the world. Its distinctive, sophisticated culture preserves many centuries of achievement, combining influences from China and Korea with native innovation. Modern Japan is at the cutting edge of developments in technology, fashion, music and art.

Lakeland University Japan offers a fully-accredited curriculum in the liberal arts. Students may transfer credits earned at LCJ to their home campuses. Of particular interest to participants in the Study Abroad program are our courses in Japanese and in Asian Area Studies.

LCJ is an ideal place for students to begin their studies of the Japanese language, or to begin their exploration of Japan and the Far East as a possible area of academic, professional or personal interest.

Program Admission

Students from Lakeland University and students from other colleges and universities in the United States are encouraged to spend a semester or a year studying at Lakeland's branch campus in Tokyo, Japan.

Academic eligibility for participation the Study Abroad at Lakeland University Japan program is as follows:

  • Lakeland University Students - 2.0 minimum college GPA (based on a minimum of 12 credits).
  • Students attending other colleges - 2.0 minimum college GPA (required); 2.5 minimum college GPA (preferred) (based on a minimum of 12 credits).
  • New non-traditional adult students (out of high school at least three years) - high school transcript.

Students are selected each semester for a limited number of openings in the program.

In addition to the application form, candidates for the program must submit official college transcripts.

Program Costs

Lakeland's study abroad package includes tuition, room and board. Financial aid opportunities are available to qualified students.


Students in the Study Abroad at Lakeland University Japan program reside in an approved international student dormitory.

Interested students should complete the last page of the Study Abroad program application.

International Travel and Documentation

Processing time for visas and other travel documentation may require up to three months. Lakeland will assist admitted students with this process.

Admission Deadlines

Deadlines vary by semester. Academic terms at Lakeland University Japan generally begin as follows:

Spring term: Second week of January
Summer term: Second week of May
Fall term: First week of September

However, to ensure applications can be considered in time for course registration and visa processing, students should apply at least four months prior to the start of the study abroad term.


More info about studying in Germany

There are several opportunities to study in Germany through the Lakeland University Study Abroad Program.

Study Abroad

Lakeland University maintains an exchange program in Germany. All students with knowledge of German, regardless of major, are eligible for the foreign study semester at Hessen Universitaet in Kassel, Germany or Universität Marburg in Marburg, Germany.

Guest Semester in Kassel, Germany: We have been sending and hosting students to and from the Universität Kassel since 1971.

Guest Semester in Marburg, Germany: This is a new program for international students run by the Universität Marburg. Its advantage is the beautiful city of Marburg. Its disadvantage is that it is run separately from the German university.

One Month Summer Language and Culture programs at various Hessen Universities

  • Universität Frankfurt: theme: International Business and the European Union
  • Universität Kassel: theme: 20th Century History and Politics
  • Universität Giessen: theme: business / health / law
  • Universität Frankfurt: theme: International Business and the European Union
  • Universität Marburg: theme: Peace and Conflict in the Near and Middle East

May Trips to Germany: The May travel trip, entitled Time Travel in Germany, is a general introduction to German and Germany designed for all Lakeland students. German majors and minors who choose to take the course will be assigned language teaching roles, and travel leadership responsibilities for the group or for a subset of the group. In this way they can acquire practitioner experience introducing other students to the language, customs and places that they will encounter on the trip.

For more information, contact Martin Ulrich, at or by phone at (920) 565-1416.


More info about studying in China

More info coming soon

South Korea

More info about studying in South Korea

More info coming soon

Tama University (Japan)

More info about studying in Tama University (Japan)

Visit Tama University's, website to find out more about studying in Japan.


More info about studying in Luxembourg

Study Abroad

Location: Western Europe, between France and Germany,
slightly smaller country than state of Rhode Island
Climate: Mild winters, cool summers
Natural resources: Iron ore
Languages: Luxembourgish, German, French, English
Population: 509,074
Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy

The University of Luxembourg, founded in 2003, is a multilingual, international and research-oriented university located in the heart of Europe. More than 50% of its 5,700 students are from countries other than Luxembourg.

It has three main divisions, or "faculties": The Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication; the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance; and the Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education.

Five research areas are of high importance to the university: International Finance; Security, Reliability and Trust in Information Technology; Systems Biomedicine; European and Business Law; and Education and Learning in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts.

The University of Luxembourg has:

  • 5686 total students
  • 3222 undergraduate students
  • 1089 employees
  • 390 Ph.D. students
  • 190 professors and lecturers
  • 53% foreign students
  • 46 degrees
  • 3 different divisions

Classes are offered in two terms: Winter Term (mid-September through mid-February), and Summer Term (mid-February through mid-July). For more information, please contact Scott Niederjohn

5 Reasons to Study at the University of Luxembourg

  1. The University of Luxembourg is a modern and dynamic college: Founded in 2003, the university offers bachelor's and master's degrees with courses taught by more than 190 professors and lecturers. The university is research-centered and possesses high quality equipment with Wi-Fi access campus-wide.
  2. It is located in the heart of Europe: Luxembourg is only two hours from major cities such as Brussels, Cologne and Strasbourg. The university is also strategically located near the financial center in Luxembourg — itself a major financial capital of Europe — permitting close ties between the university and the business world.
  3. It is a multilingual and international university: The university is known for generating bilingual degrees (usually in French, German and English). Many programs are taught entirely in English, catering to students from 98 different countries.
  4. It is a university which promotes "mobility": The University of Luxembourg requires its students to study abroad at least one semester, and assists students with their search for partner universities. This commitment to mobility makes the university a prime candidate for accepting students from all over the world, as the influx of international students promotes multicultural learning and understanding.
  5. It is a university with personal touch: The University of Luxembourg enrolls approximately 5,700 students, making it still possible to offer small lectures, working groups and personal tutoring to all of its students.


Studying abroad in Luxembourg is a great opportunity to broaden your educational experience in the heart of Europe, and it is also affordable, thanks to an exchange agreement between Lakeland University and the University of Luxembourg. No additional tuition, other than Lakeland University's regular tuition, is charged. Students will be responsible for transportation fees, cost of room and board (as shown below) and meals.

Living arrangements

Students enrolled at the University of Luxembourg can potentially choose to live in one of five different cities surrounding the campus — City of Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Mondercange, Noertzange and Walferdange. A rental lease agreement would need to be signed between the student and the University of Luxembourg. All of the properties are within 15 miles from the University of Luxembourg.

Type of AccommodationApproximate SizeAverage Monthly RentInclusions
Furnished, single room, common kitchen and bathroom,*common area 150 sq ft $443 Water, gas, electricity, internet, *standard equipment
Furnished, single room, private bathroom, common kitchen, *common area 204 sq ft $591 Water, gas, electricity, internet, *standard equipment
Furnished studio apartment reserved exclusively for Ph.D. students, *common area 247 sq ft $715 Water, gas, electricity, internet, *standard equipment
  • Common area: conference or recreation rooms, cleaning services, laundry room
  • Standard equipment: bed, mattress, desk, chairs, wardrobe, shelves, telephone, microwave oven
  • Rooms Do Not Include: Linens (sheets, blanket, pillow, towels), cooking utensils (dishes, pots, cutlery), iron

For more information, please visit the University of Luxembourg website.

Madrid, Spain

More info about studying in Madrid, Spain

All Spanish Education students are required to study abroad, so why not study abroad in Madrid, Spain! For more information contact Elizabeth K. Fronczak at  920-565-1000 ext. 2323 or .

Cancun, Mexico

More info about studying in Cancun, Mexico

This course is designed for all Lakeland University majors, but it is especially designed for resort management majors and students with an interest in the Spanish language and cultures, those wishing to experience and become educated in the areas of hospitality, the Spanish language and travel and tourism in Cancun, México. Students will attend classes for one week at Lakeland University to learn about the hospitality and tourism industry with special emphasis on Cancun, México. "Survival" Spanish will be taught in conjunction with learning about the people, culture, food and beverages, norms and customs. This will include several presentations that students will research and present to prepare them for what they will experience during their travels.

Study Abroad

The travel portion of the course will include a seven-night/eight-day trip to Cancun, México, where the students will tour local resorts, enjoy sightseeing trips to tourist attractions, visit ancient Mayan ruins and explore the early Mexican culture. Students will apply the "survival" Spanish learned, utilizing the language while interacting with the locals and other tourists in both social and formal settings. A comparison of the resort industry in an international setting to that of the United States will also be a focus. Upon returning from Cancun, the students will prepare and present a number of presentations reflecting on their experiences in Cancun, which include interviewing a native, a final summation of the language, people, culture, norms, food and beverages and a compilation of a daily log kept during their trip.

The next trip is tentatively scheduled for May 2015. For more information, please contact Elizabeth K. Fronczak, Assistant Professor of Spanish, by email at .

Belize: Tropical Studies Course

More info about Lakeland's Belize: Tropical Studies Course

Lakeland's tropical studies course is an advanced, four-credit, May term course on tropical forest and coral reef ecology that takes students on a 15-day ecotour of Belize. The focus of the course is experiential learning in Belize along with formal lectures by both the Lakeland instructors and faculty on site in Belize.

BIO 400 is designed to explore the fundamental properties of both terrestrial and marine habitats in the tropics with an emphasis placed on research projects conceptualized and carried out by students in a lowland tropical rainforest. The logistics of the Belize portion of the course are handled by the Belize Foundation for Research & Environmental Education (BFREE) and several, mandatory, pre-May term meetings during the spring semester are scheduled to prepare for the course.

Applications for the tropical studies program are due at the end of the fall semester of odd numbered years and the course occurs during the May terms of even numbered years. The course is designed for biology, chemistry, biochemistry or secondary education, science majors who have completed BIO 350 General Ecology or who have consent from the instructors.


The May 2014 tropical ecology course student fees were $2,900 per student before fund-raising efforts so students generally paid less than that amount. The above cost is all inclusive (airfare, all meals, lodging, in-country transportation, etc.). The fee does not include souvenirs, any alcoholic purchases or telephone cards for calls back to the U.S.

For more information please contact: Paul C. Pickhardt, associate professor of biology, at (920) 565-1406 or or Greg Smith, associate professor of biology, at (920) 565-1575 or .

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