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Join us for the 62nd Annual Lakeland University Music Camp from July 22 to July 28, 2018 – where we will once again provide an exciting one week camp featuring band, choir, orchestra and piano.

The Lakeland University Music Camp offers a fun-filled, educational experience for high school and middle school music students! At less cost than many other week-long camps, The Lakeland University Music Camp offers so many opportunities, such as:

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  • Large ensembles
  • Daily sectionals with master teachers
  • Daily music theory classes
  • Camp Choir and Camp Band
  • Numerous elective choices
  • Nightly entertainment
  • High-quality faculty and staff
  • Great facilities on a beautiful campus

To contact the Music Camp, please email
or call 920-565-1000 ext. 2875.

Online Application Registration Information
Primary/large ensembles

All students must play in one large ensemble (bands, choirs, string orchestra or piano)


All students will participate in two electives. Please rank your top 4 options, number 1 to 4, please include at least two classroom (marked with a "C") options.

Please read the Courses Information for the requirements of each elective class.

Camp Band/Camp Choir

All students will also perform in a very large "Camp Choir" or "Camp Band." These are ensembles of approximately 150 students each. Students need to choose one.

(Note: Pianists are encouraged to select Camp Choir unless they also play a band/orchestra instrument. String players are welcome to select either one.)


Last day to register for camp is July 14.

  Before June 1June 1 - July 14After July 14
Resident $475 $550 $600
Commuter $375 $450 $500

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