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Lakeland University is pleased to present its Speakers Directory. This guide lists faculty and staff members who are happy to share their expertise with the greater community. Lakeland is proud to connect with and serve as a vital resource to the communities it serves.

The directory is an educational service available to:

  • Civic organizations
  • Business and professional societies
  • Schools and clubs
  • Government organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • Other community gatherings

All members of Lakeland's Speakers Directory have a professional interest in the fields they represent, and welcome the opportunity to bring new ideas to your next meeting or event.

To request a speaker, contact Lakeland's community relations manager at (920) 565-1028 ext. 2232. If you cannot find a topic that fits your needs, please don't hesitate to ask and we will work to find a speaker who can meet your specific needs.

Please contact us at least four weeks in advance of your event when requesting a speaker. However, if you need a speaker on shorter notice, we will attempt to work with you to meet your needs.

Speaker Fees

Lakeland operates its Speakers Directory as a public service; however, some of our speakers may request an honorarium to cover presentation supplies/materials and travel. Honorariums will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis prior to the engagement of a speaker.

If you have questions, please contact David Gallianetti, Director of External Relations, 920-565-1119 .


Collegiate Sports

Athlete Development

Youth Sports

Psychology in Sports


  • Art Education - Nate Lowe
  • Creativity and the Writer’s Process - Nate Lowe
  • Nonfiction Writing, Media, and Publishing - Nate Lowe
  • Personal Expression: Writing Memoir, Literary Journalism, and Personal Essays - Nate Lowe
  • The Art of Fact and Fiction - Nate Lowe




Data and Analytics

Business Communication

Local Economy

Business Education

  • Best Practices in University-level Business and Economics Education - Scott Niederjohn
  • "The Flipped-Mastery" Classroom - Brett Killion
  • The Need for More Economic/Financial Literacy for K-12 Students and Teachers - Scott Niederjohn
  • Personal Finance Lessons You Can Apply to Your Life - Brett Killion



  • U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer Experience in Central Pacific - Paul Pickhardt
  • Luxembourg and Beyond: International Initiatives at Lakeland University - Scott Niederjohn


Community Development

  • Local Agriculture/Food Movements and Personal Gardening - Paul Pickhardt

Communication and Media

Equality and Diversity

Understanding Social Structures/Changes



Athletics and Education

Today's Students

  • Coming soon

What's going on at Lakeland University?

  • Luxembourg and Beyond: International Initiatives at Lakeland University - Scott Niederjohn

Science and Technology

Computer Science


Lakeland Research


Health and Environment

Mental Health

  • Drug Abuse (alcoholism, binge drinking, effects of marijuana, simulated driving under the influence) - Anthony Liguori

Physical Health


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