Blue & Gold Days

Welcome to Lakeland Blue & Gold Days!

Lakeland’s Blue & Gold Days is our summer orientation program that prepares incoming students for living and learning at Lakeland. Because of COVID-19, we will be holding Blue & Gold Days virtually this summer via Zoom. A complete schedule of this summer’s “Muskies Mondays” virtual sessions is listed below. You will receive invitations to these virtual sessions via emails that you have provided to the university in the past.

“Muskies Mondays”

Transitioning to Lakeland

This year’s line-up for “Muskies Mondays” includes two series of sessions – one designed for students and the other designed for all those who are supporting students in their transition to Lakeland.

  • STUDENT-ONLY sessions will occur each Monday at 1 p.m. Central Time. These sessions will be led by our Blue & Gold Champions, returning students who are ready to help incoming students learn the ropes and adjust to Lakeland. The purpose of these sessions is to encourage incoming students to meet each other, reflect on their goals and values and to begin planning for the future. Small group meetings will be typical.
  • STUDENT AND FAMILY sessions will occur each Monday at 7 p.m. Central Time. These sessions will introduce key members of our Lakeland community and will provide information critical to starting the fall term on the right foot. Opportunities for Q&A will be available online or in follow-up meetings.

To further help you get connected, we have created closed Facebook groups for both incoming students and parents. If you have not joined, you can get access to them here.

Class of 2024 Student group
Class of 2024 Parent group
Lakeland University entrance

Upcoming Lakeland Blue & Gold Days Schedule

  • Monday, August 17th at 1 p.m.  OR  Tuesday, August 18 at 7 p.m.  – Muskies Connections: “Making Promises to Your Future Self” 
    • Students Only
    • Blue & Gold Champions will lead incoming students in reflection to support commitments for success.

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Members of Lakeland’s Residence Life and Campus Safety will provide an overview of policies and practices that will help students get off to a great start on campus this fall.

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Members of Lakeland’s financial aid team will clarify different types of funding and payment plans. Q&A at the end.

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Members of Lakeland’s Career Readiness will guide parents and students through the steps necessary to start working in co-op or student employment as soon as this fall.

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    • Password: Vsy=j5Bk

    Members of Lakeland’s Campus Life and Athletics departments will help students and their families learn about all of the ways to get involved at Lakeland.

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    Lakeland supports incoming students in many ways. Meet our chaplain, our wellness team, and our academic support team to find out how they care for students at Lakeland.

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    • Password: yEGN7$sz

    Returning Muskies field incoming student questions as Blue and Gold Champions moderate.

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    First-year advisors talk about academic expectations and field questions from incoming students and their families.

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