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Lakeland University's Center for Teacher Excellence

The Center for Teacher Excellence at Lakeland University houses all of Lakeland University's undergraduate and graduate Education programs. 

The goal is to explore new innovations in education at the undergraduate and graduate levels in order to assist school districts and technical colleges in developing effective strategies and/or programs for educator professional development and student success.

If you have questions about any of the programs or other education-related questions, please feel free to contact Dr. John C. Yang, Professor of Education and Director of the Center for Teacher Excellence.

Education at Lakeland University

Teachers Who Make A Difference

Undergraduate Education Programs

The education program at Lakeland is committed to providing aspiring teachers with the skills and practical experiences they need to thrive in the classroom. 

Upon completion of an undergraduate Education program, it will lead to an endorsement for a teaching license from the state of Wisconsin. For more information about each program, please click the link(s) below.

Lakeland’s education program strives to meet the professional, practical, and personal needs of future teachers. First, our students receive all the coursework, knowledge, and assistance they will need to exceed Wisconsin’s requirements for teaching certification. Second, they receive the pedagogical tools and practical experiences that starting teachers need in order to succeed in their own classrooms. Finally and most importantly, our education majors are encouraged to develop their own voice and teaching style through continual hands-on engagement with the teaching process.

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Lakeland offers a K-9 Program through our William R. Kellett School. This program is ideal for students who have completed the Foundations of Teacher Education Program or the Early Childhood Education Program through one of the technical colleges in the Wisconsin Technical College System. Students who have completed this program are eligible for one tuition-free course and a minimum of 20% tuition discount.

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Advance Your Career

Graduate Education Programs

Our graduate Education programs are intended for teachers to improve on their knowledge and skills and advance in their careers. Lakeland University offers a Master of Education (M.Ed.) as well as Dual Credit Credentialing Certificates!

Master of Education (M.Ed.)
Dual-Credit Credentialing Certificates
Teacher with Master of Education degree in front of class
Cooperative Educational Service Agency (CESA 7)

Competitive Advantage Over Peers

K-12 Cross-Categorical Special Education License

Lakeland University has partnered with CESA 7, which allows Lakeland students pursuing a K-9 teaching license to add a K-12 Cross-Categorical Special Education license by completing four special education elective courses through CESA 7 and a student teaching experience through Lakeland.

Students who graduate with both licenses have more options when applying for teaching jobs, especially in areas of high need for most school districts.

Graduates will be licensed to teach in a regular education setting in grades kindergarten through 9, and in school districts that provides services to pupils in kindergarten through grade 12 with intellectual, emotional-behavioral, specific learning or other disabilities.

Special Education at Lakeland University

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