Coronavirus Information

COVID-19 Updates

Lakeland University continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. This page will share all current information needed by students, faculty and staff about the university’s response, so feel free to refer to it throughout this situation.

Due to a reduction in COVID numbers on our Main Campus and in the regions surrounding our various locations, Lakeland’s Main Campus and Center locations are mask optional.

Here are some situations where masks could/will still be required:

  • Per our current classroom protocols, faculty can continue to require masking within their classrooms and when meeting with students. Any faculty who plan to require masking in their classrooms will clearly communicate that to students in their classes.
  • For any centers located in a building where masks are required, we will continue to mandate masking.
  • Mask use will continue to be mandatory in the Wellness Center in Brotz Hall and in the sports medicine/athletic training rooms in the Wehr Center.
  • Campus/center event coordinators can mandate cloth/medical grade face-coverings for all event attendees. Signage must be created and displayed at the event to communicate mask requirements. Announcement of the policy as frequently as possible is also suggested.

Per local, state and national guidance, we encourage anyone who is not fully vaccinated to continue to mask. Anyone is welcome to continue to wear a mask based on their personal choice.

As we know with COVID, things can change quickly. If we see an increase in cases on our campus/one of our centers, we reserve the right to require masking to mitigate spread of COVID.

On a related note, we will continue to maintain the policy of 75% capacity for classes and any campus events held indoors.

Please make sure you refresh your browser to make sure you are seeing the most recent information/messages.

COVID-19 Dashboard


Reports From Campus

The following dashboard includes information from Lakeland University employees and students who have been tested for COVID-19 via Lakeland's partnership with Prevea Health. Due to potential duplication in counting, this dashboard does not include information from people who have tested positive for COVID-19 through other sites. These numbers do not represent general population testing.

For all positive tests by a residential student of which we are aware, we will follow Lakeland’s response plan. Lakeland employees and commuter students are reminded to continue to follow requirements of Sheboygan County Health and Human Services, and abide by the LU Community Pledge that we signed. Employees are reminded that if at any time they would test positive for COVID to email human resources and their supervisor so we can implement our recovery plan.


  • Total Tested: 859
  • Negative Results: 782
  • Positive Results: 77
    • Recovered: 77


    • Total Tested: 279
    • Negative Results: 252
    • Positive Results: 27
      • Recovered: 27


    • Total Tested: 747
    • Negative Results: 733
    • Positive Results: 14
      • Recovered: 14
      • Active: 


      • Total Tested: 265
      • Negative Results: 256
      • Positive Results: 9
        • Recovered: 9
        • Active: 0


      • Total Tested: 215
      • Negative Results: 183
      • Positive Results: 32
        • Recovered: 32
        • Active: 0


      • Total Tested: 43
      • Negative Results: 25
      • Positive Results: 18
        • Recovered: 18
        • Active: 0
      2021 Fall Semester at Lakeland University


      • Total Tested: 783
      • Negative Results: 696
      • Positive Results: 87
        • Recovered: 87
        • Active: 0


      • Total Tested: 61
      • Negative Results: 32
      • Positive Results: 29
        • Recovered: 29
        • Active: 0


      • Total Tested: 67
      • Negative Results: 60
      • Positive Results: 7
        • Recovered: 5
        • Active: 2


      • Total Tested: 10
      • Negative Results: 2
      • Positive Results: 8
        • Recovered: 8
        • Active: 0