Industrial Systems Analytics at Lakeland University

Predicting the Future

Data analysis applies to a world that goes beyond business decisions. Today, information and data influences every aspect of our world. Organizations need to hire graduates who can help them become smarter and more efficient at predicting future opportunities and risks.

An Immersive Major

Highly Sought-After Program

Lakeland University's Bachelor of Science in Industrial Systems Analytics meets the needs of students and employers.

This program is highly sought-after by regional employers and will immerse students across the fields of technology, programming, statistics and data analysis, and visualization.

Industrial Systems Analytics will prepare students to design, develop, implement, and operate complex processes and systems. 

Man programming code on computer screens at desk.
Code on computer for industrial systems analytics.

Complex Systems & Processes

A Growing Industry

The workforce for graduates of this program is bright.

  • Wisconsin's Workforce and Labor Market Information System notes that operations research analyst is the fastest growing job market in the state, and is growing faster in Wisconsin than nationally.
  • Wisconsin ranks second in the nation, behind only Indiana, in the percentage of earnings and employees that work in manufacturing according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics. Sheboygan County ranks 25th (out of more than 3,000 counties) in the nation in the percentage of total earnings due to manufacturing.
Programming on computer with coffee cup in background.

Experiential Education

Real-World Experience

Traditional Students (Main Campus): Lakeland's Cooperative Education program will provide 12-18 months of full-time work experience, academic credit for their work, and a combination of scholarships and wages that will significantly reduce or eliminate post-graduation debt.

Kellett School (Evening/Online): Earn academic credit toward your degree on the job – without stepping footing a traditional classroom! Whether it’s projects you’re already doing or much-needed tasks your boss doesn’t have time for – only Lakeland lets you earn academic credit for real-time work projects.

Experiential Education

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