Marketing at Lakeland University

Evolving Careers

Few professions have changed more over the past decade than marketing. In this digital age, marketing has evolved and grown beyond just promoting a business or selling a product through advertising.

People who work in marketing have two interrelated jobs—to sell to clients what they are looking to buy, and to educate clients as to what is available for sale. The real art of marketing comes in the various ways that marketers meet these two goals. The study of marketing considers all phases of product/service delivery, from the conception of new ideas to packaging, pricing, promotion, and distribution.

Changing Along With the World

Specialized Marketing Paths

Lakeland University has responded to the metamorphosis of marketing, restructuring our program and offering four new emphases:

  • Sales Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Retail Management
  • Graphic Arts

These emphases allow students to learn all of the traditional marketing skills needed to enter the industry, while at the same time being able to specialize.

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Student at Lakeland University with internship opportunity

Traditional Skills With a Modern Approach

Real-World Experience

Students with a Lakeland degree in marketing enter this dynamic field with a solid foundation in economic theory, business management, market research and consumer behavior, as well as a deeper knowledge of an emphasis area related to the marketing field (digital marketing, graphic design, sales, or retail management). 

As with many majors at Lakeland, experiential education is stressed. Lakeland marketing students are able to obtain real-world, practical work experience prior to graduating and entering the job force.

Lakeland Student in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin during Cooperative Education program.

Experiential Education

Apply Your Skills Before Graduation

Traditional Students (Main Campus): Lakeland's Cooperative Education program will provide 12-18 months of full-time work experience, academic credit for their work, and a combination of scholarships and wages that will significantly reduce or eliminate post-graduation debt.

Kellett School (Evening/Online): Earn academic credit toward your degree on the job – without stepping footing a traditional classroom! Whether it’s projects you’re already doing or much-needed tasks your boss doesn’t have time for – only Lakeland lets you earn academic credit for real-time work projects.

Experiential Education

Ready to enter an ever-evolving career in Marketing? Then Lakeland University is the right place for you. Contact us.

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