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Lakeland University's Develop U program offers LOCAL, customized approaches to professional growth. Our workshops and training programs are affordable, engaging and flexible - providing employees with high-quality professional development opportunities.

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Professional Development Workshops

Interested in a specific topic? We will customize workshops for your unique needs. We are here to listen and adapt. We have seasoned professionals ready to work with your team.

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All funds generated by Develop U will directly support Launch: Lakeland University's student-run businesses.

In this Course, you will learn:

  • A brief history of the LGBTQ+ movement in the United States
  • Current Vocabulary and Terms including proper pronoun usage
  • Symbols and Flags to represent each member of the LGBTQ+ population
  • Statistics and percentages of suicide rates, homelessness, and mental health issues
  • How to Show your Allyship
  • How to Shift mindsets and perceptions
  • How to Shape inclusive policies and procedures

This course will be a 4-week, virtual course from 6:00pm-9:00pm on Wednesdays starting on January 19 through February 9. The course costs $220 per attendee excluding the additional purchase of the required reading, Inclusion Ally: ABCs of LGBTQ+ by Lisa Koenecke.

Upon completion of the 12-hour course, each participant will receive a certification as a LGBTQ+ Allyship & Inclusion.

This course will be taught by Lakeland University adjunct professor Lisa Koenecke. As an experienced and energetic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) professional speaker and facilitator, Lisa specializes in counteracting unconscious bias and LGBTQ+ inclusion in organizations. She has given a TEDx Talk and written a bestselling book!

Lisa earned her Diversity & Inclusion certification from Cornell University and is a Certified Diversity Practitioner through the Inclusion Institution. Being an expert and a thought leader in LGBTQ+ issues has allowed her to present in 42 states and keynote numerous conferences.

Lisa's speaking style can best be described as dynamic, energetic and interactive. After 12 years of being a middle school counselor, she is now an adjunct instructor at Lakeland University training the next generation of school counselors.

Lakeland University has assembled an impressive lineup of industry leaders who will share how to use data analytics in a new online ‘live’ course entitled Predicting the Future - Data Analytics.

These leaders will share their expertise on how you use analytics to identify trends, forecast outcomes, and improve efficiencies and revenue. This course is designed to give students access to industry experts who will share techniques and the power of data science in decision-making.

During this seven-week course you’ll have a unique opportunity to gain insights and interact via Q&A virtually with well-known leaders:

  • March 16: Sumathi Thiyagarajan, Milwaukee Bucks
  • March 23: Meghan Lopez, International Rescue Committee
  • March 30: Dr. Ashok Rai, Prevea Health
  • April 6: Judge Kashoua "Kristy" Yang Thao, Circuit Court Judge in Milwaukee Co.
  • April 13: Dr. Robert Callahan, Lakeland University
  • April 20: Dr. Victor Amaya, Data You Can Use (DYCU)
  • April 27: Jordon Meyer, Granular

Register here, or contact Kym Leibham at to learn more! 

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The history of psychoanalysis and its use toward improving race relations and social justice issues will be the focus of a seven-week Lakeland University virtual graduate course that can also be taken as a workshop.

A Peoples History of Psychoanalysis can be taken for two graduate credits through Lakeland’s Master of Arts in Counseling program. It can also be taken through Lakeland’s DevelopU program for professionals seeking Continuing Education hours.

Juxtaposed with history and present day, the class will examine the impact of oppression with a lens toward liberation psychology. As a course, it will expand on counseling graduate students’ knowledge of this counseling theory as well as other counseling professionals understanding of the discipline of psychoanalysis, which one of the foundational theories within the counseling field.

Individuals who take the course as a DevelopU offering will receive a certificate upon completion listing the course name and hours that can be used to fulfill Continuing Education hours. They are not responsible for any coursework and will not receive a grade or academic credit.

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Business Simulation Learning

When you need people to understand how the decisions, they make on the job impact financial outcomes, how their actions create value, and how to make more effective business choices, choose the Celemi method facilitated by Lorinda Lewis. More than 4 million people in 70 countries have participated in one of the hands-on business simulations. Learn about the various workshops below and contact us to discuss how we can work together to maximize your team.


Dr. Lewis is a scholar-practitioner, established in a wide variety of business disciplines. She has a passion for leading and developing others. She has developed her perspective through an unusual career trajectory that includes her experiences as a retired Air Force logistician, a continuous improvement and P&L executive of a Fortune 500 company, an adjunct professor at universities, and as a pro bono continuous improvement coach for Collective Impact Initiatives with not-for-profit agencies. She is a prominent public speaker and published academician who can translate complex ideas into relatable stories to inspire audiences of all levels. As a public speaker, she is in high demand internationally at academic and industry conferences as well as corporate leadership events. As an ICF & CCA certified executive coach, she facilitates classes, events and offers one-on-one professional development training and mentoring in public and private workshops. She is certificated to administer the Kirton Adaption-Innovation (KAI) Inventory, illuminating cognitive problem-solving styles. She is a licensed facilitator of Celemi Business Simulation Workshops, improving team member engagement and business acumen. As an adjunct faculty member at universities, she teaches business and leadership courses including organization development, lean, change management, coaching and mentoring for business, marketing, and global business strategy.

Celemi Cayenne is a simulation that develops the participants’ relationship building skills while increasing the perceived value of their role, department, and projects/initiatives within the company. Focus: Project management and influence.

Cost $450 per participant, 7-hour workshop, minimum participation 12. Contact Kym Leibham at or 920-565-1023 ext. 2155 for further information.

Kirton’s Adaptive Innovation (KAI) inventory measures cognitive style, resulting in the participant scoring on a continuum of either more adaptive or more innovative. Knowing your place on the continuum, offers insight into your preferred way of approaching the various situations that you may face day-to- day. This understanding is valuable in understanding why you thrive in some project teams and struggle in others. As leaders, understanding the style of team members helps you to assign more effective teams, resulting in more successful project outcomes. Focus: Problem solving, decision making, team dynamics, and communication.

Cost $175 per participant, 4-hour workshop, minimum participation 10. Contact Kym Leibham at or 920-565-1023 ext. 2155 for further information.

The Medici Game is a creative simulation where the participants experience and learn breakthrough creative “best practices” and tactics to drive business and personal insights and results. These learnings are then applied to a current challenge, project, or initiatives. Focus: Innovation, problem-solving, diversity of thought.

Cost $280 per participant, 4-hour workshop, minimum participation 12. Contact Kym Leibham at or 920-565-1023 ext. 2155 for further information.

Celemi Exploring Change is a dialog on change. Organizations, divisions or teams that want to increase the return on investment for transformation initiatives can use the workshop to build a shared language and collective insights into what it takes to bring people on board. Focus: Change management and leading change.

Cost $280 per participant, 4-hour workshop, minimum participation 12. Contact Kym Leibham at or 920-565-1023 ext. 2155 for further information.T

Celemi PartnerStock is a competitive and interactive simulation. Participants are grouped into teams, and presented with life-like, inventory related dilemmas and challenges. They must prioritize their limited resources to handle the challenges. The goal is to optimize inventory levels while managing customer satisfaction and profit. The most successful team wins the competition. The participants experience a significant peer-to-peer learning, make clear links to their real-life dilemmas, and apply research results and scientific models. Focus: Supply chain effectiveness, decision making, team dynamics.

Cost $280 per participant, 4-hour workshop, minimum participation 12. Contact Kym Leibham at or 920-565-1023 ext. 2155 for further information.

Celemi Apples & Oranges is a simulation that enables participants to understand how they contribute to financial and operational success of the organization. This simulation focuses on building the business acumen and financial literacy skills of employees, managers, and leaders. It is available in a variety of industries including manufacturing, retail, service, and healthcare. Focus: Business finance, decision making, team dynamics.

Cost $450 per participant, 7-hour workshop, minimum participation 12. Contact Kym Leibham at or 920-565-1023 ext. 2155 for further information.

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