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Lakeland University's Develop U program offers LOCAL, customized approaches to professional growth. Our workshops and training programs are affordable, engaging and flexible - providing employees with high-quality professional development opportunities.

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Interested in a specific topic? We will customize workshops for your unique needs. We are here to listen and adapt. Just contact us at the email address below.

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2020: Webinar Series

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Lakeland University will be hosting a series of webinars in the coming weeks. Don't miss out - register below today! 

All webinars are at 12 p.m. CST

Presenter: Charles Sizer - Partner, APPS

Your likelihood of catching coronavirus can be reduced significantly by planning a monthly menu and minimizing contact at the grocery store. This period of quarantine can be made a memorable time by exploring new cuisines and cooking foods from basic food ingredients.

Presenter: Alicia La Hoz - CEO, Family Bridges

Participants will discover how to be a mindful and compassionate leader. You will be encouraged to lead yourself first through learning practice and research-based mindfulness exercised which help to mitigate the anxiety and be introduced to practical ways you can lead your team through the crisis of COVID-19.

Professional Development Workshops

We have seasoned professionals ready to work with your team. Here is a menu of offerings that have benefited many organizations, but we can also customize a program based upon your needs:

  • Ensure safe manufacturing/processing, packing and holding of food products for human consumption - FSPCA certifications
  • I Am Not an Accountant, But I Need to Understand Them. Utilizing Your Organizational Culture to Impact Innovation
  • How to Help your Team Get Over Resisting Change
  • Marketing Isn't My Job…But it IS…it is Everyone's Job
  • Developing Advanced Leadership Skills to make a Positive Difference
  • I am now a Manager, Now How do I Lead?
  • Captivate, Influence and Build Trust - Honing Soft Skills
  • Making Dynamic Visual Presentations that WOW
  • Understanding all of that economic-stuff I see on TV
  • Being a Successful Project Manager for Any Project Big or Small

If you have an interest in a workshop or would like to discuss additional topics, we would like to speak with you. Contact Kym Leibham at 920-565-1023 ext. 2155 or email her at

All funds generated by Develop U will directly support Lakeland University's student-run business venture.

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