MLK/Black History Month Worship Service

Feb 5th, 2024

5-6 p.m.


MLK/Black History Month Worship Service

This worship service will celebrate the worship style and messages of the Black church to honor the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black History Month.

Featured speaker will be the Rev. Dr. Justin Shamell, relationship manager and recruiter of congregations at Eden Theological Seminary. The service will also have special musicians.

Shamell is an ordained clergy in the Baptist denomination. He has served as a meeting planner of several national organizations. He is a teacher, itinerant pastor and a choir director.

Recently, the United Church of Christ recognized Afro Christian Convention as the 4th tradition that created the UCC and this service will highlight and honor that tradition. It will also give the community a chance to experience the worship, message and theology that grounded, inspired and sustained Dr. King as well as many Black Americans.

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