Student Panel on Gender & Sexuality

Nov 2nd, 2023

6 p.m.

Campus Center Event Space

Student Panel on Gender & Sexuality

Lakeland students who are members of the LGBTQ community will present an interactive panel discussion on gender and sexuality.

Students who attend the event will earn one convocation credit.

Lakeland Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Karin Miofsky, Ph.D., will moderate along with Alphabet Soup President Margaret Riemer and Vice President Emily Eggebeen.

The event will let queer students have a voice in the community as they share individual experiences on what it is like for them to be in the LGBTQ community. The panel will include individuals of all sexualities, genders and cultural identities.

Anyone who attends will be able to anonymously ask questions either by note card or from their phones. Moderators will review the questions to avoid duplication and make sure that they are appropriate for the event.

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