2021 Spring Semester – Muskies are Better Together

Safely Operating our Campus & Centers

At Lakeland, we will continue to safely operate our main campus and our centers in the spring. This webpage will focus solely on updated news and information regarding the 2021 spring semester, including an archive of any announcements, FAQs, links to student resources and other information. The content on this page will be updated as needed, and students, faculty and staff will also receive emails with updates.

Lakeland University Plan to Restart Campus Spring Semester 2020-2021:

This plan provides an overview of the actions, activities, and guidelines that will support continuing on-campus instruction at Lakeland University with the spring semester, January 2021. Some requirements of this pandemic state may rise or fall away as vaccines are developed and improved methods of caring for those affected by the disease are developed, but until that time we will take the opportunity to recreate our environment.

This plan seeks to protect the health and safety of Lakeland University employees, students, and citizens of the regions where we teach, learn, and work. This plan also focuses on maintaining the quality of educational outcomes, experiences, and work products. All actions and activities outlined in the plan will be aligned with the guidelines set forth by the CDC, Sheboygan County Health Department, and university policy. The plan is designed to be adaptable and will change with the environment and virus transmission rates are identified..

The plan is based on the following five principles:

  1. Keep the COVID-19 virus out to the extent possible.
  2. Reduce the probability of transmission.
  3. Rapidly identify and contain cases.
  4. Reduce environmental contamination by modifying teaching, work, and communal spaces to reduce human density and continue to increase cleaning and disinfecting of all facilities as needed.
  5. Provide clear communication and academic resources/support.

Lakeland University will communicate further developments as they emerge.

COVID-19 Testing

Lakeland has received a grant that provides money to pay for testing for students, faculty and staff. Below is our COVID testing plan for the remainder of the 2020 academic year, as well as our plan for the upcoming spring semester.

We care about everyone’s safety. Testing, along with our mask policy, social distancing, washing hands frequently and other measures we have in place, put us in the best position to be open safely and mitigate spread.

Lakeland’s response plan if a residential student tests positive for COVID-19 is available here.

  • Before Thanksgiving: We will provide students who are moving back home for winter break an optional asymptomatic testing opportunity. This test is for students/families who may have specific concerns about their students traveling and bringing home the virus. This testing will be available on either Thursday, November 19 or Friday, November 20. Students who get tested will need to remain on campus and isolate until the result is available. Students should use the MyPrevea app to request a test or contact the Wellness Center for more information.
  • After Thanksgiving: While a majority of students will complete the fall semester virtually after leaving campus on November 20, we know some students will return to or remain on campus for employment or athletic purposes. We will test all students who go home for Thanksgiving and return to campus. Details will be shared with these students once they are finalized.
  • Spring 2021: Much like we did prior to fall semester classes, we will test all main campus students, faculty and staff who will be taking in-person classes/living/working on the main campus this spring. These tests will be at no cost to students and employees and will happen on the Main Campus prior to the start of classes. The group includes commuter students and Sheboygan Center Kellett students who plan to attend in-person classes on the main campus. Residential students who get tested will need to remain on campus and isolate until the result is available. Check the next dropdown for additional information.
  • New Employee Testing: We will provide asymptomatic testing to all new employees as needed based on their start dates.
  • Athletic Testing: We will provide testing for our athletes competing in the spring based on NCAA requirements. Students will receive detailed information from their coaches and/or the sports medicine staff.

Prevea will be conducting free COVID testing in the Wehr Center for the following groups on the dates listed:

  • Lakeland staff who will be regularly working in person on the main campus: January 4 and 5.
  • Residential students: January 10, 11 and 12.
  • Main campus commuter students: January 11 and 12.
  • Lakeland faculty who will be teaching main campus in-person courses: January 10, 11 and 12.
  • Please reserve your test date/time through the MyPrevea app.

Why did we select these dates? Staff will be tested early so their isolation period is completed by the time students arrive. The student and faculty test dates will allow these groups to complete their isolation period in time for the start of spring semester courses on January 19.

Much like the start of the fall semester, residential students will need to self-isolate in their rooms while waiting for their test results. Meals will be delivered to their rooms. If you have an off-campus job, please work with your employer to create a schedule that allows you to stay in your room while you wait for your test result.

Students who cannot move back to campus by one of these dates must contact residence life so we can work with you.

Students who do not wish to be tested will need to remain home and take their spring courses online. Students thinking about this option should speak first to their academic advisor to make sure they are enrolled in courses that can be attended virtually for the entire semester.

Some other important information:

  • Do I have to take another test if I have already tested positive? Yes. Prevea will be offering an alternative test for previous positive cases.
  • If I test positive over the break, do I need to communicate that to the school? If you took a COVID test through Prevea, you should report your results to David Simon at simondr@lakeland.edu. If you took a test in your community, due to being symptomatic it is strongly recommended that you share your results.
  • I am a student and I am not going home for winter break … do I need to test? Yes, all students who will be living on campus will need to test on one of these dates.
  • At this time, we are not requiring staff and students at our off-campus centers to test due to the fact that our spring Kellett courses will be offered in online modalities.

We ask everyone to be mindful of their behavior and remember the Lakeland Campus Community Pledge that we signed at the start of the fall semester. We will be asking students, faculty and staff to sign our Lakeland Campus Community Pledge when they test in January. When each of us takes steps to mitigate the risks posed by COVID, each of us plays a role in protecting Lakeland’s ability to remain open for in-person classes for the semester.

Lakeland student in mask

Ensuring the health and safety of our community

Community Pledge

Ensuring the health and safety of the Lakeland University community and beyond only works when we all do our part. We expect all students and employees to sign this pledge that they understand and accept that there are risks inherent in being physically present in a campus community during a global pandemic. By taking care of others and ourselves, we can contribute to public health and safety. We will have this pledge available for everyone to sign when they get tested and online for our colleagues at the off-campus centers.

View Pledge
Self Observation Questionnaire

Muskies Wellness Days

One the toughest things about this fall 2020 semester was the lack of a break. Based on student feedback, we have created some Muskies Wellness Days for the spring 2021 traditional semester to provide students and professors with some room to breathe in the absence of Spring Break. On the following dates, no traditional classes will be scheduled:

  • Wednesday, February 3
  • Thursday, February 18
  • Wednesday, March 3
  • Tuesday, March 16

We will also be off on Good Friday, April 2, and traditional classes will be canceled on Academic Research Day, April 14, so we can all attend the amazing virtual presentations that will be given by students.

Operating Our Locations Safely

How we learn, live and work together will be different this spring. We have instituted some temporary policies regarding living on campus, visitors, interactions between students and employees as we work to maximize safety, mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and keep our campus open.

Here are some other basics for the spring semester:

  • Working remotely: Lakeland staff members that can continue to work remotely in a productive manner, as approved by their supervisor, should do so until further notice. When in-person work is required, employees should work with their supervisor to stagger when staff are physically in the workspace. Doing so limits the likelihood of inadvertently crowding spaces. For those employees planning to work remotely, if you need to come to campus we ask that you do so during off hours.
  • Scheduling appointments: Students, please be aware that many offices in W.A. Krueger Hall, except the Business Office, will not be open for drop-in visits. Students will need to email the office and make virtual appointments until further notice. Click here to schedule an appointment. 

We have created new common spaces for students to get together so we can mitigate spread of COVID in the residence halls. The Pub is being combined with the Daily Grind on the first floor of the Campus Center. A tent has been added just outside of the Pub/Daily Grind to allow people to gather safely outdoors, and other tents will be added this spring. Campus courtyards and outdoor seating areas are also recommended for use by students who need to get together.

Student success and residence life will be working closely with students on a variety of programs throughout the week and on weekends. All students have an opportunity to take leadership roles in creating new student activities, and we encourage you to email your success coach with your ideas.

Schedule An Appointment

Students, faculty and staff will be required to wear masks at all times with these exceptions:

  • When eating/drinking.
  • When students are in their assigned residence hall room, suite or apartment, or in your residential bathroom.
  • When students are practicing/competing during athletics, per athletic department policy.
  • When faculty/staff are alone in their individual office spaces.
  • When outdoors and able to practice social distancing. Have a mask with you at all times, and if you encounter people in high traffic areas outside please put it on.

A small supply of medical masks will be available for students during move in and in central campus locations throughout the term. We do ask that you bring your own mask and have it with you at all times. Reminder, the Lakeland mask that you received in the mail is washable and can be re-used.

Hand sanitizer will be available throughout campus, and common areas including classrooms and residence halls will be cleaned regularly.

Based on your feedback about your spring experience, we know that you prefer face-to-face classes and the opportunity to be in the physical classroom with your professors and fellow students. We have built this spring with that, and everyone’s safety, as guiding principles.

While this spring won’t be normal, we are happy to say that our spring classes will offer face-to-face instruction that will follow CDC guidelines for social distancing. We will also provide flexible delivery models for all of our traditional courses so that students and faculty who need to self-isolate in the spring will have live stream access to all their courses.

Here are some important details:

  • Our classrooms will be about half full to ensure safe social distancing.
  • Students will sit 6 feet apart in classes.
  • Some classes may require a mix of face-to-face and virtual instruction. Students will be informed about these classes closer to the start of the semester.
  • We will use some of our large spaces like the Wehr Center fieldhouse, the Bradley Theatre and the event space in the Younger Family Campus Center for classes.
  • We will be postponing some classes that were scheduled for this spring to a future semester. If you are enrolled in one of those classes, you will be notified by email. You can then work with your advisor to sign up for a replacement course or explore a co-op job. Despite these changes, students will still be able to graduate in the timeline they had planned.
  • Convocations will be held, and a schedule will be provided closer to the start of the academic year. 
  • In consultation with their dean, faculty have ​been offered the option to teach in-person, online or hybrid. ​At this point, more than 76% of the scheduled main campus courses will remain fully face-to-face, with another 12% of these courses providing face-to-face instruction rotating weekly using assigned student cohorts. If a course has moved completely online, students should have already received notice via email. We have achieved our goal of offering a large majority of our main campus classes in-person.
  • We strongly encourage that meetings between faculty and students be conducted online until further notice.

Spring housing will operate with the same guidelines that were in place for the fall semester.

Spring Move-in dates

Below is the spring move-in schedule:

  • January 10: Freshmen move in to Brotz & A.M. Krueger.
  • January 11: Returners move back to the Suites & Muehlmeier.
  • January 12: Returners move back to the Apartments.

Each date will be divided into times, similar to the fall. Residence life staff will notify all residents of their move-in return times prior to departing for winter break.

Residence Life, in accordance with the housing consolidation policy, will be conducting housing consolidation for residents that meet the following requirement(s): Requested to live in a double occupancy residential hall or multi-occupancy apartment. Under this policy, students living as a single in a double room will get a roommate so they do not have to pay for a double room as a single room. Note: Students who currently reside in approved singles and/or double rooms as a single will not be affected by this policy. This will also give residence life the ability to help everyone who may return asymptomatic to recover quickly.

Winter Break Housing Plan

Students who leave campus on November 20 will receive a two-week refund of the room/board they were charged. Students who will be moving back to campus for the spring semester can keep the personal belongings they don’t need for break in their rooms.

Students who move off campus after November 20 may receive a portion of the refund depending on the date they move off campus. The finance department will receive a list of all students who moved out and the actual dates they left to review and calculate the exact amount of any refunds.

A credit will be applied to a student’s account in mid-December. If the student has a zero balance due on their accounts, a refund check will be issued to the student. Students may choose to leave the credit on their account to apply toward spring semester costs by contacting the business office at businessoffice@lakeland.edu.

Students who need to live on campus during winter break will receive additional information in the near future.

Here are other important details:

  • Students will have access to disinfectants/cleaning supplies provided by Lakeland, but students are encouraged to also bring their own cleaning supplies.
  • Single rooms will be reserved and available for students who have approved accommodations. After the accommodations list has been exhausted, the remaining single rooms will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.
  • We will continue to practice social distancing by not having guests in student rooms. Common areas are still available for visitors as long as students follow social distancing practices. We will continue to monitor CDC guidelines and update this policy as needed.
  • The Entrepreneur Studio will be available for use and students will need to reserve the space based on the normal policies. The four breakout study rooms in the Campus Center will have a maximum capacity of three people.

Limiting the flow of traffic on/off campus is one of the best ways we can maintain everyone’s safety, and this will require some changes to our normal visitation policies due to COVID. These policies will be reviewed regularly throughout the semester and updated per Sheboygan County Health Department & CDC guidelines.

  • Physical distancing protocols and health and safety guidelines must be followed by anyone who needs to visit campus.
  • Family visits: Family members are encouraged to ship supplies/items to students. Family members who wish to visit residential students after the move-in day window to drop off supplies may do so by meeting the student in the parking lot near the residential building where the student is assigned. Family members must wear a face covering/mask and social distance themselves from others while they are on campus. As non-Lakeland visitors are not permitted in any campus residential facilities, all visits must take place in designated areas, including the campus courtyards, outdoor seating areas and common areas in the Younger Family Campus Center.
  • Guests in residence halls: A big part of the college residence hall experience is learning to live together. We have implemented some COVID policies that will be different from the norm to encourage compliance with social distancing guidelines as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To begin the semester, residential students are allowed one visitor at a time per dorm room and two visitors at a time per apartment from within the same residence hall or apartment building. This is a model that is being used by many colleges and universities to start the semester. Students from the same hall/apartment can congregate in common spaces we have created, including the Campus Center, the tents and outside spaces, as long as masking and social distancing policies are followed. This policy will be reviewed throughout the semester.
  • Overnight: All overnight guest visitation in residential buildings has been suspended until further notice.

Knowing that we need to limit the flow of traffic on and off campus, it will require sacrifices by all of us as we temporarily change our behaviors so we can continue to keep our campus open.

The only way to preserve our Lakeland bubble is not to poke holes in it. Residential students who leave campus for reasons other than those listed below risk not only their own well-being but that of our entire community. The same is true of employees who decide to take a casual approach to social distancing. For the sake of all, think of all.

In order to try to mitigate any potential spreading of COVID-19, it is recommended that residents do not return home once they arrive for the spring semester. Students can make short trips off campus for the following reasons:

  • Food runs, as long as drive-thru or curbside pickup is used.
  • Walgreens/CVS/Walmart/Target. No-contact pickup/curbside pickup/drive-thru service is preferred.
  • Co-op/off-campus jobs.
  • Spending time outdoors – going for walks, the beach in Sheboygan or Elkhart Lake, Parnell Tower, etc.

Students who need to leave to go home for a family emergency or to leave campus for longer than a 24-hour period need to check in with their hall director to get approved and receive guidance regarding returning to campus

We are taking a number of steps to ensure everyone’s safety and make sure everyone has ample time to access our various meal times. Here are highlights of the changes for the academic year:

  • Meal times will be extended to accommodate schedules. Specifics will be posted closer to the start of the semester.
  • There will be a new traffic flow in/out of the dining area. The main staircase will be for entering the dining area only. The north doors that lead to the Laun Center will be used as an exit only.
  • The dining room will be cleaned and sanitized more frequently. After dinner, a thorough cleaning and sanitizing will occur, which will mean the dining room will be closed until breakfast the next morning.
  • Seating will be adjusted as follows:
    • Tables will be 6 feet apart.
    • A limited amount of chairs will be at each table. No other chairs may be brought to any table.
    • Pool and shuffleboard tables will be removed to accommodate more seating.
  • To-go food is available for those who do not want to eat in the Campus Center.
  • The Pub bar stools will be removed and this area will be used for picking up food orders.
  • The Pub will be combined with The Daily Grind for this academic year. If this setup works well, it could become a permanent change. The Daily Grind will operate as usual with spacing for people to accommodate social distancing. Daily Grind drinks will be available for expanded hours.
  • A secondary location (which we will determine later) will be used for Grab & Go items.
  • The Muskie Mart will be open for extended hours and carry premade subs and salads.
    • The Mart capacity will be limited to three people at a time. The line will extend up the ramp to the north along the east wall to accommodate social distancing.

Student Activities programing will continue and we will follow social distancing guidelines and the use of masks.

Student organizations are encouraged to use a virtual meeting platform whenever possible, especially for eight or more people. We encourage you to use Microsoft Teams, which will allow you to hold meetings, send messages and work collaboratively on projects.

Organizations will be expected to complete the required (1) Campus event and (1) Community Service project per semester. These events can be held virtually or in open space areas, abiding by all University and community social distancing and PPE policies.

The Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference postponed all conference regular-season athletic competitions and championship events through Dec. 31, 2020. Our teams have been practicing this fall preparing for their seasons and following the NCAA’s COVID-19 guidelines. As our various team’s schedules are set, we will post them on Lakelandmuskies.com. We are awaiting further details from our conference and the NCAA for details on how games this spring will be played, and we will share that information when it is available.

Until further notice, the Lakeland shuttle will only service essential routes. Essential routes are defined as follows:

  • Co-op/off-campus jobs within Sheboygan County.
  • All medical facilities within Sheboygan County.
  • Walgreens/CVS/Walmart/Target.
    • No-contact pickup/curbside pickup/drive-thru service preferred.
  • Food runs – these must be drive-thru/curbside pickup only. These must be scheduled in advance.

Traditional Program

Academic Calendar: Spring 2021

First Day of Classes‐Regular term: Tuesday, January 19

Last Day to Add/Drop Classes‐Regular term: Tuesday, January 26

Commence Enrollment Survey opens (regular term): Tuesday, January 26

Commence Enrollment Survey closes (regular term): Thursday, January 28

Final list of administrative drops acted upon: Friday, January 29

Mid‐term Grades due: Friday, March 5

No Spring Break – Classes in Session: March 6‐March 14

Registration for summer and fall 2021 (All): Thursday, March 18 ‐ Friday, March 26

Last Day to Withdraw/Change to Audit‐Regular term: Tuesday, March 30

Easter Break: Friday, April 2

Classes Resume: Monday, April 5

Last Regular Class Day (regular term): Friday, April 23

Finals Week (regular term): Monday, April 26– Friday, April 30

Commencement: TBD

Grades due (regular term): Monday, May 3

Lakeland University graduate

Kellett School (evening/online courses)

Academic Calendar: Spring 2021

  • 12-week courses: Tuesday, January 19 - Tuesday, April 13
  • 7-week I courses: Tuesday, January 19 - Friday, March 5
  • 7-week II courses: Monday, March 15 - Friday, April 30


  • Students can email questions to registrar@lakeland.edu or request an individual consult.
    • The office can work with a student via email, virtual meeting, by phone or in-person (if needed).
  • In an effort to monitor numbers of students in the office and maintain social distancing strategies, we cannot take walk-in requests at this time.
  • Ordering transcripts:
    • Students should order transcripts online via the registrar’s office web page or through my.lakeland
    • Ordering can take place any time. Orders generally orders take 1-2 business days, unless otherwise indicated.
    • Processing occurs each business day (unless closed for holidays).

If you anticipate having problems paying for school, please email the financial aid office at financialaid@lakeland.edu to explain your situation so we can help you.

  • Students can email questions to financialaid@lakeland.edu or request an individual consult.
    • The office can work with a student via email, virtual meeting, by phone or in-person (if needed).
    • In an effort to monitor numbers of students in the office and maintain social distancing strategies, we cannot take walk-in requests at this time.
  • Applying for financial aid:
    • Students can view, download and upload missing financial aid documents on NetPartner via my.lakeland.edu
    • If you have not completed your 2020-21 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) yet, please do so at https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa.
    • Scholarship opportunities and resources are found on the financial aid page of my.lakeland.edu

Counseling staff will continue to offer telehealth services (video chats, phone calls) during normal business hours. We are usually able to accommodate same-day virtual appointments. In a crisis, please call 911 or the National Suicide Hotline (1-800-273-8255), or text HELP to 741741; all numbers are available 24/7. For on-campus mental health emergencies you can also contact your RA or Hall Director, or contact campus safety on extension 1126.

To make an appointment, or to ask any questions, please email Alex Liosatos, center director, at Liosatosa@lakeland.edu or Amanda Groll, campus counselor, at grolla@lakeland.edu

For students taking evening or online classes through Lakeland’s Kellett School, we are offering peer support services (up to three video sessions, 30-45 minutes). To make an appointment, or to ask any questions, please email Alex Liosatos at Liosatosa@lakeland.edu.

Updates are posted on the my.lakeland page (log-in required):

Resources and other information can be found on the LU website counseling page:

The Hayssen Academic Resource Center supports the academic needs of students through the use of tutors, study tables and time-management resources. Tutoring can be provided remotely. The link for tutoring support is https://lakeland.edu/student-experience/academic-services.

  1. Student to read: Accommodations Request Procedures This describes how one can obtain accommodations and who qualifies as an appropriate individual to complete the Verification of Disability Form. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page for the ADA/504 link.
  2. Student’s care provider to complete Verification of Disability Form This is for a physician or qualified professional to fill out to verify the diagnosis of the disability. If a student has an IEP that has been reviewed in the past three years, however, the IEP may be sufficient and this form may not be needed.
  3. Student to complete Preliminary Application for Disability Services This is for the student to fill out to describe their disability, what accommodations they have had in the past and what they  believe would be effective at Lakeland.

Use this questionnaire to self-observe your health at the start of every day. It was developed using criteria from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.




Our Response

The health and safety of our students, alumni, employees and the community is always our top priority. Visit our COVID-19 information page to learn more about Lakeland's response to the outbreak, frequently asked questions and to find out which changes and accommodations are being made for the Lakeland community.

COVID-19 Updates
Self Observation Questionnaire