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2022-23 Scholarship Donor Recognition Luncheon


2022-23 Scholarship Donor Recognition Luncheon

Lakeland celebrated student success and the donors who make it possible Tuesday at the 2022-23 Scholarship Donor Recognition luncheon.

More than 100 Lakeland students and donors gathered to share their stories over lunchtime conversations.

“One never knows what these lunch connections will lead to,” said Lakeland President Beth Borgen. “That’s why I love this event so much.”

Lakeland Vice President for Academic Affairs Joshua Kutney opened the program with a quick lesson on the power of exponential growth. He told the students gathered that donors to Lakeland invest in students and look for a far greater return on their investment.

“They are investing in more than just you when they fund a scholarship,” Kutney said. “They see in you the potential not only to achieve your goals but to take your learning into the world and apply it in ways that improve the lives of others around you. The people you influence can then go on to positively impact others, and so on.

“Students, take a moment to do the math. It is about everyone who will benefit from working with you throughout your lifetime. Think about that as you get to know the people who have invested in you and how their vision might influence yours now and in the future.”

A pair of Lakeland students – Lauren Downs and John Putnam – spoke on behalf of the many students who attended.

Downs, a senior from West Bend, Wis., is majoring in Broadfield social studies and secondary education with the goal of becoming a middle school social studies teacher and a basketball coach. She also serves Lakeland as a senior resident assistant, is a captain on the basketball team and works as an academic coach helping students transition to college-level coursework and with their time management.

She is also a student in Lakeland’s honors program, and she recently completed her senior project of creating and hosting a Civics Fair for her peers which taught them the importance of voting and other forms of civic engagement.

Downs receives the Norman Schowalter Community Scholarship, Laura Koehler Schowalter Scholarship and Educational Assistance Scholarship. She said that support significantly lessened the financial burden of college, allowing her to focus on school and the activities that are her passions to build a resume for post-graduation success.

“We are thankful that you have chosen to and continue to support the Lakeland family,” she said.

Putnam, a junior from Elkhart Lake, Wis., is majoring in accounting with the goal of becoming a forensic accountant for the state or federal government. He is currently CEO of Launch, Lakeland Student-Run Businesses, after serving Launch as president of the non-profit division and managing Develop U.

Putnam is also in Lakeland’s honors program, he is a member of the accounting club and plays in the jazz band. He is the recipient of the Schilcutt Scholarship, named for the late J. Garland Schilcutt, one of the most influential and celebrated employees in the institution’s history.

“All I do is in honor of Prof, and I hope to live up to his standards,” Putnam said.

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